Workplace Accidents & Injuries: Safety’s Best Teacher

On Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Every company has the same goal when it comes to the utilization of safety incentives; motivating its workforce to eliminate on-the-job accidents & injuries through heightened employee safety awareness.

An effective safety incentive program must ensure that such a heightened safety consciousness is not only created… but sustained.

As a rule, workplace motivation is accomplished in one of two ways:   Consequences for failure and/or rewards for success.    However, no employee can be properly motivated without first being provided the necessary training to do the job both properly and safely.

Any good educator recognizes that mistakes can be our greatest teacher; assuming we have the capacity to learn from them.

That’s why Safety Pays places its focus on safety infractions as a cause, rather than on the losses suffered as an effect.    If an employee can learn what caused the loss, he or she will be that much more able to avoid a similar situation in the future.

The same applies with each and every loss a company suffers.   Accident investigations usually reveal a failure that can thereafter be corrected.

But the true remedy is how that lesson is thereafter infused into the employees thought process.   A safety incentive program that succeeds over the long-term must therefore provide for such continuing education.

The point is that motivation and education go hand-in-hand.   It’s both sides of the coin which deliver its ultimate value.