Why Reward Employees For Safe Behavior?

On Monday, August 6th, 2018

Why Reward Employees For Safe Behavior?

There’s plenty of questions we’re used to fielding from companies interested in utilizing our motivational approach to workplace safety.  There’s the age-old question whether safety bingo is a form of gambling.  (It’s not!) Of course, those most concerned with OSHA compliance wants to know how Safety Pays ensure employee injury reporting?

But without a doubt, the first query we’re most often presented with is:  Why should I pay my employees to do something that’s already part of their job; to work safely?

In the world of business, there’s a quick answer to that question:   Because it’s more costly not to do so.

Moreover, such costs are not strictly financial.  There’s the cost of lowered productivity, higher safety risks due to increased work pressures on co-workers to cover for the injured worker, not to mention the attendant loss of positive employee morale.

At one time, the over-riding push in the American workplace was to get the job done.   Today, with our more elevated understanding of what leads to employee success, that philosophy has been broadened to include ‘getting the job done… safely’.   Workforce safety is a value-added worth paying a little extra for.

In business today, it’s a proven fact:  the associated costs of not motivating one’s employees to work safely far exceed management’s investment ensuring they do.

The question therefore is not whether safety incentives have their place as a motivational tool to promote workplace safety.    It’s a proven fact:   Without them, a workforce’s commitment to safety will not be nearly as strong.   That’s why OSHA continues to endorse the utilization of appropriate safety incentives.

The more important question now is how such safety incentives are utilized.   Effective motivational reinforcement ensures a worker feels not only recognized & rewarded, but in a way which is both entertaining and engaging over the long-term.

Approaching safety incentives in such a way pays unending dividends, often in ways a company’s management never imagined.   The workforce is a company’s safety delivery system.   Safety Pays is the energy source to drive that safety system to ever great heights…and an eventual permanent orbit of zero incidents in the workplace.

Isn’t that worth paying for?