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Our Clients Say It Best  — from A to Z!

For nearly three decades, Safety Pays’ claim to fame is that with nearly 10,000 client companies, customers average a 50% reduction in losses during the first year after Safety Pays implementation.

This has been verified repeatedly by businesses from virtually every commercial and industrial sector throughout the United States. The following testimonials provide only a partial list of the many success stories companies have experienced over the years.

Air Conditioning & Heating
“It’s been quite a few years since we first implemented Safety Bingo within our Safety Program. Safety Bingo has only enhanced the more ‘fun’ parts of the program and created camaraderie amongst our employees. I would definitely say that the introduction of this type of incentive program…would be a benefit for any company in any industry.”
Cheryl J. Piper, Office Manager

Aluminum Manufacturing
“We went from 9 lost-time accident (the year before we started Safety Pays) to NONE the following year. We paid our approximately $3400 in incentive awards to our employees, while we realized a savings of nearly $80,000 in our worker’s comp costs (a 64% savings from the previous year). Our total recordables went down by 41%!”
Brenda J. Brewer, Safety Environmental & Industrial Hygiene Coordinator

Amusement Parks
“The program highlights the importance of safety while motiviating employees with the incentive program. Since we started the program, we’ve gone nearly five months without a worker’s compensation injury…”
Marc Agena, Personnel Manager

Appliance Manufacturer
“The success of Safety Pays has been incredible. We have had only one day of lost time since implementing the game nearly a year ago… a definite success!” Chris Fesmire, Director – Human Resources DACOR View Letter

Architectural Products
“Last year we had 27 recordable injuries with 2 lost time incidents. Currently, we reduced our injuries to 17 with no lost time incidents.”
Mike Lotito, Health & Safety Manager – FOCAL POINT View Letter

Armored Trucks
“We have been utilizing the Safety Bingo program for several years now…The program has been a great success in that it allows us to transfer the savings in reduced injuries into the pockets of our employees…definitely a “Win-Win” program.”
Duane A. Pearson, General Manager LOOMIS, FARGO & COMPANY View Letter

Auction Houses
“Workers’ comp accidents have dropped 23% compared to the year before installing Safety Pays and vehicle accidents have gone down 60%! Clearly, the employees are monitoring each other on safety issues and defensive driving.”
Stan Macchinone, Safety & Security Manager BRASHER’S SALT LAKE AUTO AUCTION View Letter

Auto & RV Dealers
“When we started with Safety Pays several years ago, we noticed a marked reduction in lost-time injuries. The important thing is that (5 years later), the games are still working with employees still watching out for one another in regards to safety.”
Michael Hannah, HR Administrator NATIONAL RV View Letter

Auto Painting & Collision
“We were plagued with very small and preventable injuries. Safety Pays has heightened the awareness of the shop employees and made them more alert to injury prevention. It works extremely well, is very inexpensive and is easy to implement. The best part is that it’s fun!”
Ron Barbee,V.P. Operations PEACH AUTO PAINTING & COLLISION View Letter

Auto Parts
Safety Pays has had a significant impact on Rayloc’s lost time injuries and medical claims. Last year the plant has a total of 290 lost workdays and with a month left in this year, we’ve had only 100 lost workdays!”
Bob Lewis, Environmental & Safety Manager NAPA – RAYLOC, A DIVISION OF GENUINE PARTS View Letter

“As administrator of our Safety Pays program, I am please to see awareness in the workplace pay-off on a daily basis. The program makes it fun to stay safe. It’s made a big difference in our workers’ comp claims, drastically cutting the rate of incidents.”
Deborah J. McClellan, HR Director LE BOULANGER, INC. View Letter

Beer & Wine
“The sense of safety awareness this program has developed in our people is uncanny. Our best performing group just exceeded 250 consecutive days without a lost time accident… and it’s one of our more physically demanding groups that has a history of lost time accidents. Overall, we’ve seen workers’ comp cost drop on a per claim basis from $6700 to $4200 in the last year. That represents almost $200,000 in savings thus far.”
John Underhill, Director of Human Resources ODOM CORPORATION – ALASKA BEVERAGE View Letter

Beverage Distributor
“With the new year, we have had only two minor injuries in the warehouse and are currently 70 days injury free. Safety is an attitude and Safety Pays creates awareness.”
David Spencer, Sr. Operations Manager’ AMERISERVE View Letter

Book Bindery
“For several years, we were experiencing anywhere from 10-15 lost time accidents each year. Since implementing Safety Pays our lost time accidents have gone down more than 70%! We believe the program to be an easy and helpful way to remind employees to work safely, without sacrificing quality or efficiency.”
Raymond Ahlich, President AREA TRADE BINDERY View Letter

Building Supplies
“After experiencing a record 15 accidents during the previous 6 months, with an average cost per claim of $1789, we implemented Safety Pays. Since then we’ve had only one minor first aid claim at a cost of $44!”
Harvey Hefley, Manager – Human Resources T.M. COBB SUPPLY View Letter

City/County Government
“Since our Fiscal year starts each October 1st, with 9 months elapsed, we should have about 66.45 injuries. Instead, I am very pleased to report that we have suffered just 15 injuries in this time frame. This is a 77% reduction from the average.”
Fred F.Carino, Human Resources/Risk Management Director HIGHLANDS COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS SEBRING FLORIDA View Letter

Cold Storage
“Not one single lost-time injury (in six months) since Safety Pays was put in place. Amazing Results! To overwhelming to be a coincidence.”
M.L. Botts, Vice President, Finance ARCTIC COLD STORAGE View Letter

Concrete & Cement
“Since the implementation of this program in mid-year of 2000, the plant has gone from “WORST to FIRST” in the company’s efforts to achieve a ZERO accident rate.”
David Smith, Terminal Agent RMC PACIFIC MATERIALS View Letter

Concrete Supply
“Here’s the real kicker: For 5-10 minutes per day to administer the program, and $558 in jackpot payouts for one year, we received a dividend check from our Workers’ Compensation carrier for over $10,000, having experienced a significant reduction in injuries and property damage accidents.”
Thomas A. Hunn, Human Resources Generalist WISCONSIN VALLEY CONCRETE PRODUCTS View Letter

Construction Industry
“It’s now been over 2 years since we started, and the results have been everything we could have ever hoped for.  The first year, recordable injuries were down about 40% and claims cost was down 60%.”
Ron Brooks, Safety Director – MARION CONSTRUCTION COMPANY View Letter

Construction Industry
“We have had a significant drop in accidents…When we started using Safety Pays I usually had at least 20 to 30 entrys to my OSHA Log a year, in 2000 I recorded only 6 accidents and in 2001 only 7, in the year 2002 there were only two recordable entrys…we have saved thousands of dollars in repairs and Dr. and hospital bills as a result.”
Brenda Covington, Office Clerk STAR CONSTRUCTION, INC. View Letter

Convalescent Care
“During the year before putting in Safety Pays, we paid out $118,000 in workers’ comp claims. A year later with Safety Pays, it was reduced to $12,650. We have one team that hit 150 accident-free days, which is unheard of in this business.”
Bill Hunter, Director, Human Resources ADVENT CHRISTIAN VILLAGE NURSING HOME View Letter

Country Clubs
“Since implementing Safety Pays, we’ve seen our premiums reduced by over 35%, a savings of between $25,000 – $30,000 per year. It’s unbelievable how a game can create so much talk and at the same time create a safe workplace. Safety Pays has worked wonders.”
Bob Young, General Manager ELKHORN COUNTRY CLUB View Letter

“We have gone from 38 claims the year before implementing Safety Pays to just 5 accidents during the past year. Of the 37 accidents, 15 were lost time. During the year, the game was in effect, there was only one lost time claim! Safety Pays does work!”
Carl W. Gutierrez, Plant Manager F&A DAIRY View Letter

Delivery Services
“Before the game we experienced 18 injuries per year. During this same time range this year, the injuries had dropped down to 9.  That’s a 50% reduction.”
Irving Jacobs, West Coast Safety Officer – DHX View Letter

Developmental Disabilities
“I was impressed with the flexibility of Safety Pays…In the first quarter after implementing the games, we had 64 loss work days and 38 reported job-related inciddents. A 50% reduction in loss days and a 46% reduction in job-related incidents.”
Dennis G. Durant, Director Human Resources ST. LAWRENCE NYSARC View Letter

“During the 7 years prior to Safety Pays, we had 120 accidents.  During the 7 years since, we’re recorded only 47.  This is a difference of 73 accidents, a 61% reduction from the previous seven year period.”
Chris Tate, Project Supervisor – SOUTHWESTERN/GREAT AMERICAN, INC. View Letter

Dry Cleaning
“During the past 12 months, we have reported on 1 minor accident.  I thought it might fizzle but a year later the enthusiasm of the employees and managers will certainly keep Safety Pays Bingo around for a long time!”
Susan Chicas, Development Director – FAZIO CLEANERS. View Letter

“The employees own the program. They make it work and their enthusiasm for safety is contagious. THE RESULTS: Fewer accidents overall, and a significant reduction in lost time accidents.”
View Letter

Electrical Contractors
“We are now up to 612 days without a lost time accident. I have worked for this company for 11 years and can say we have never gone that long without an accident!”
June Johnson, General Manager TELSTAR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING View Letter

Electric Utility
“The program has more employees involved and the enthusiasm is there…we were able to bring our recordable incident rates down from the previous years. ”
Debbie Bastien, Operations Coordinator PENISULA LIGHT COMPANY View Letter

Employers Groups
“We have chosen and recommend the Safety Pays workplace incentive program because of its easily-applied, common sense approach to reducing the growing amount of money spent on workers’ compensation premiums and claims. The program makes safety the constant interest of every employee involved.” GEORGIA EMPLOYERS’ ASSOCIATION View Letter

“…the excitement of winning something took off like wild fire. I was told that it did in fact already reduce injuries and our workers comp insureance premiums have dropped considerably.” Gaylon Young, Safety Bingo Coordinator FINE ARTS ENGRAVING View Letter

Equipment Manufacturer
“Safety Pays was the spark we were looking for to get our Safety Progrm once agin going in a positive way. To date we have noticed an 82% decrease in Severity Rate and a 50% decrease in Incident Rate from last year. Believe me, our Worker’s Compensation company, as we are, are thrilled about these advances.”
Steven R. Nagel, Safety Manager DUKE MANUFACTURING COMPANY

Food Distributor
“I am please to say that we have seen a tremendous drop in our accidents/injuries. We have one group that will soon have over 200 days without a lost time injury. The financial savings from a workers’ comp standpoint have been amazing.”
Marlin W. Lucas, Safety & Security Manager QUALITY FOODS View Letter

Fruit Packing
“We reduced our accidents from 21 the year before installing Safety Pays, to 2 the following year, saving us approximately $26,000 in workers’ comp costs. Needless to say, we like the program, Safety Pays!”
Robert J. Wilcoxon, District Manager NASH-DECAMP COMPANY View Letter

Furniture Manufacturer
“Lee Industries has been involved in the Safety Pays program for 1 year and it has worked tremendously for our company. Our accident rate has gone down since we stared using Safety Pays…”loss time” injuries have reduced dramatically.!”
Angi Doane, Human Resource Administrator LEE INDUSTRIES, INC. View Letter

Garbage Disposal
“We started using the program in January of this year and as of November we have had a total of forty-two claims. At this same time last year, we had seventy-eight claims. Even if we have two or three more claims before the end of the year we will still be significantly lower than we were for 2002.”
Sharon Hoffman, Human Resources Manager NEXCYCLE View Letter

Gas Stations
“Since implementing the game our frequency of lost-time accidents has dropped to 20% of previous. Our experience modification factor has dropped 27 points and will decline further next year. I highly recommend this program.”
John Bailey, RAMOS OIL COMPANY, INC. View Letter

Grocery Store
“We have been using the Safety Pays Bingo for many years, it remains one of our strongest, and most effective programs we can provide. The game truly does get people more focused on working more safely…”
Tracy Clements Anthony, General Manager CLEMENTS MARKETPLACE, INC. View Letter

Heavy Equipment
“We are one of the largest Caterpiller dealerships in the U.S. Before beginning Safety Pays, we had 12 injuries including 7 which were lost time. In nearly the year the program has been in effect, we’ve had one injury and NO lost time. In face, we went 232 days without an accident!”
Michael E. Reuter, Vice President & Branch Manager WHAYNE SUPPLY View Letter

“Our lost time accident rate has been cut by 50% from the same period a year ago. We expect our overall losses to be reduced by more than 80%. This is the ONLY PROGRAM that has worked to cut our injury claims and we have tried them all!”
Jerry Black, Corporate Safety Director MELLES GRIOT View Letter

Hi-Tech Display Systems
“Each year when our Workers Compensation account is audited, we most always get a premium refund thanks to the dramatic reduction in injuries we’ve seen over 10 years since implementing Safety Pays.”
Rachelle Howard – CFO DENSITRON CORPORATION View Letter

Hospital #1
“As a hospital of nearly 300 emploees who have been participating in seven (7) individual Safety Pays games for the last 18 months, we have seen DRAMATIC RESULTS! Moreover, our Safety Officer who coordinates all 7 games initially stated he was skeptical about the success such an incentive game would have…He now feels the effectiveness of Safety Pays has been fully proven and is a big believer in what you provide.”
Sandra Rhodefer, Assistant Administrator FAIRCHILD MEDICAL CENTER View Letter

Hospital #2
“We use Safety Pays Bingo here at our facility with approximately 850 employees. since installing Safety Pays, each year our stats (frequency and severity) have gone down. We’ve had only one injury every 18 months or so yet the actual investment in buying Safety Pays was nominal. So it’s literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”
Christine Watts, MADERA COMMUNITY HOSPITAL View Letter

Hotel #1
“Safety Pays has caused a turning point in our rising workers’ compensation costs. This highly successful program lowered our lost workdays by 78% from the same time period from a year ago!”
Trudy Warm, Director of Human Resources LOEWS SANTA MONICA BEACH HOTELView Letter

Hotel #2
“We have 15 hotel properties in the city of San Francisco. Every quarter a review is made of the number of accidents each property has had. The Villa Florence Hotel ranked 14 out of 15 before Safety Pays. By the end of this last quarter, we were ranked 2 out of 15 (and ironically, the only claim on our record predated the game!). We have currently gone 262 without an accident.” David Stoner, Jr., Executive – Housekeeping VILLA FLORENCE HOTEL View Letter

Insurance Brokers
“This approach not only motivates individuals to think about what they do, but it also creates an atmostphere that unites everyone towards a common goal — safety in the workplace. It’s easy to administer and flexible. Plus it’s in BOTH English AND Spanish.”
Agents Confidential Newsletter FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTSView Letter

Iron Casting
“We’re having OUTSTANDING success with the Safety Pays system dropping from an average of 6 to 7 accidents a month to just 1 a month.”
Lance Lyman, Risk Management Director – GREGG INDUSTRIES View Letter

Janitorial Services
“We were having as many as two or more accidents per month at one of our larger job sites. Since using Safety Pays we only average 2 claims for every three months. Until your program we had never had any employee safety suggestions and now we get very good suggestions.”
Wanda Rust, Claims Management PORTER INDUSTRIES View Letter

“Since being implemented two years ago, the results have been remarkable: a 78% reduction in workplace accidents, thousands of dollars saved in reduced workers’ compensation premiums, greater safety awareness among employees and lower absenteeism.”
Robert H. Greisser, Manager – Human Resources KOHALA NURSERY View Letter

Linen & Uniforms
“Over three years after implementing Safety Pays, I’m extremely happy to report the tremendous level of success we’ve had using the program. Our workers’ comp costs have dropped dramatically saving us tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. I’m delighted to say that we have not had ANY lost time accidents at all during the past year. None whatsoever!”
Grace Navarro, Human Resources AMERICAN TEXTILE MAINTENANCE View Letter

Linen Supply
“We installed the Safety Bingo from Safety Pays in 1996 and reduced the recordable injuries to 7. since then, we have averaged less than 3 recordable work-related injuries per year. I think that’s pretty dramatic.”
Charles N. Yahnke, MICKEY’S LINEN View Letter

Lumber Supply
“Our first month on the new Worker’s Comp mod rate, we dropped 21% which translated to a $31,000 savings. I feel assured had we not had the Safety Pays incentive program, we would not be seeing these savings.”
Will Eber, DOLAN’S LUMBER View Letter

Meat Packing
“As of the date of this letter, the company has achieved 198 consecutiveworking days and counting-without sustaining a reportable injury or illness. I would recommend the Safety Pays Bingo Game Program for and company, despite their respected business…”
Steve Sayer, HR Director STERLING PACIFIC MEAT PACKING View Letter

Medical Center
“South Texas Health System adopted your Safety Pays Incentive Program with great success. Since implementation of Safety Pays, we have been able to reduce our monetary losses by over 50%.”
Lucinda Reyna, Loss Control Coordinator – EDINBURG REGINAL MEDICAL CENTERView Letter

Medical Devices
“Everything you said is true. The program is inexpensive, easy to learn, and takes very little time to administer. We began our Safety Pays program in October of 2002. We had 64 incidnets January-September (average of 6 per month). We have had only 12 indients from October 2002 through February 2003 (average 2 per month), a 33% reduction! I have become a believer!”
Janice Russell, Human Resources Manager MAXXIM WEST MEDICAL View Letter

Messenger Service
“We implemented the Safety Pays program over a year ago and we feel that it has had a major effect on the awareness of our drivers. We have gone over 200 days without a chargeable incident.”
Bob Pollock, Partner PENINSULA MESSENGER SERVICE View Letter

“We have had only one reportable minor incident since the inception of Safety Pays. Currently our experience modification is at 90%, down tremendously from 126% before the program!”
Kelly Boyd, Operations Manager WILLIAMS RICE MILLING View Letter

Moving & Storage
“Two years ago, we were faced with 2 claims a month minimum. Since implementing Safety Pays, we’ve barely seen 1 claim every two months, a 75% reduction in workers’ compensation claims! I truly believe that without the combined efforts of our staff working with the Safety Pays program, Quality Movers (35+ years in the moving and storage business) would no longer exists.” Catherine M. Bryant, Safety Adminstration QUALITY MOVERS – NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES View Letter

“Our company owns over 25 newspapers in the western U.S. so we wanted a program which could be decentralized like Safety Pays. A year after the program had been implemented, claims incidents were down 40% from the prior year and falling.”
Arne Hoel, Controller SWIFT NEWSPAPERS View Letter

Non-Profit Community Assistance
“Last year, we had 71 injuries and over $900,000 in claims cost. This year we had 26 injuries and a total claims cost of $11,544.”
Karen Huff, Safety Officer – WORK TRAINING CENTER View Letter

Nuclear Power Plant Security
“Safety Pays has definitely helped reduce accidents. It’s an excellent tool when used with continual safety education.  Our results?  We just hit the 2,000,000 hours mark without a lost time accident.”
Don Ralph, Security Field Coordinator – PINKERTON GOVERNMENT SERVICESView Letter

“I must admit that it is everything you promised…the number of lost days due to injury was reduced by 74%. There is no doubt that the greatest factor in this reduction was the proper and focused use of the Safety Pays incentive.”
John T. Oberhausen, Director Human Resources BACHMAN’S INC. View Letter

Nursing & Convalescent Care Facility
“We averaged 13 incidents annually for the two year period before starting Safety Pays.  During the first year using the game, we’ve only had one incident which was strictly a need prick. Not bad!
Mark F. Gunnell, Administrator – LAKE HILLS INN NURSING HOME View Letter

Nursing Homes
“Mayflower Gardens Convalescent Hospital has been with the Safety Pays program since 1992, and is still going strong to date. In fact, we have had old two work related injuries in the last seven years which is unheard of in the nursing home industry!”
View Letter

Office Supplies
“When viewed in historical terms, our Company averaged 4-5 injuries per month before Safety Pays. Now we are averaging just one injury per month. Clearly this program delivers results.”
Stephen R. Morgan, Chief Operating Officer GENERAL RIBBON CORP. View Letter

Oil & Gas
“Last year, our workers’ comp claims totalled $351,035. However, by implementing Safety Pays, this year’s claims rere only $138,000, a 60% reduction. After deducting the jackpot payouts, the net savings to us amounted to $207,798, which gave us a 46 to 1 return-on-investment based on the initial cost of your program!”
Richard W. Parliman, Director Human Resources & Employee Relations TIW CORPORATION View Letter

Packaging Manufacturer
“Our safety record has gone from a 8.3 TRIR (worst in the USA to first place within the company) and an impressive record of ZERO TRIR with no lost time accidents for the past 14 months.”
Angelo Colasante, Safety Director – SEALED AIR OF MADERA, CA View Letter

Paint Contractors
“Using Safety Pays, we just completed our lowest lost time accident year ever. We had only two and the total cost of those claims including all of the award paid under the incentive program was under $10,000, a savings of nearly $75,000!”
Mike Urban, President URBAN BROS. PAINTING View Letter

Pipe Manufacturing
“In the years prior to using Safety Pays we averaged approximately 20 OSHA recordable accidents per year. Last year, our first year using Safety Pays, we only had 3 recordable accidents.”
Christina Jester, Safety Director – BLUE DIAMOND INDUSTRIES, LLC View Letter

Plastic Mold Injection
“In the one year period since we put Safety Pays in place, we have reduced our total accidents by over 40%, and our OSHA recordable accidents are down nearly 50%!”
Pete Jacobs, Personnel Manager MOLDING CORPORATION OF AMERICA View Letter

Plastics Manufacturing
“Since the first bingo game started here back on May 1, 2002, our OSHA safety incident rate has hit zero three times, with the current run being at zero for over three years now.”
Donald R. Monreau, Quality Assurance Manager – UNIVERSAL PLASTICS CORP.View Letter

Plumbing Contractor
“Since we have incorporated Safety Pays Bingo into our Safety Awareness Program, there has been a significant drop in Workmen’s Comp. Claims.”
Charles England, General Manager DUPREE PLUMBING COMPANY View Letter

Printing Companies
“We wanted to inform you of the great success story we expeienced at Digital Printing Systems using Safety Pays. We had only one injury in the year after install the game as opposed to as many as ten injuries the previous year!”
David Snowden, Controller DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEMS View Letter

Produce Processing & Distribution
“First and foremost, we have reduced our injuries to virtually nothing since we started the program. We think that Safety Pays is an affordable, fun, and effective tool for any workplace.”
Kathy Merlo, Owner – DEL REY PACKING COMPANY View Letter

“The program has been a success from day one. Accidents have been reduced by over 30%. Being on the safety team for the past five years, we have tried numerous approaches to reduce incidents… with only moderate success. Now, I can say with confidence that Safety Pays is the best out there!”
Bill McLendon, Hoist Safety Team RR DONNELLY & SONS PUBLISHING View Letter

“After implementing Safety Pays in our Southern California region, we experienced only 1 accident during the first quarter using the game. During the same time-frame, our Northern California region, which had not installed the program, suffered 13 accidents. We are therefore going to implement Safety Pays in our Northern California facilities IMMEDIATELY!”
Randy Gusikoski, Vice President – Finance 20/20 RECYCLE CENTERS View Letter

“We have now been using the Safety Pays bingo workplace incentive for over a year. During the first year, we have seen amazing results. The yearly number of accidents in our facility has dropped from 28 to just 8!”
Cynthia S. Hunsperger, Human Resources HYTEK FINISHES CO. View Letter

Refrigeration Contractors
“In the year before installing Safety Pays, we reported 22 accidents for approximately $106,000 in losses — resulting in a potential $60,000 increase in premium. At the behest of our broker, the carrier agreed to leave the premium at it’s original level if Safety Pays were installed. Nearly a year later, and we’ve only had 7 claims for approximately $7,500 in losses.”
Mary Jane Messinger, General Manager AUSTIN REFRIGERATION CONTRACTORSView Letter

Rehabilitation Services
“We operate 16 Safety Pays games at 35 different sites. The number of reportable incidents have dropped from 32 when the game started to 10 during the past year.”
Dennis G. Durant, Director of Human Resources – ST LAWRENCE NYSARC View Letter

“First of all, let me say that the Safety Bingo program is and always has been enormously popular with my staff. We have been completely injury and accident free YTD, and in fact have been so dating back to April of 2002!”
Scott L. Dubin, Sr. Distribution Manager CORT FURNITURE RENTAL View Letter

Restaurant #1
“Over 15 of our corporate locations installed the Safety Pays program as a pilot. At the end of a year, we had experienced an 82% reduction in workers’ compensation expense, a savings of over $300,000. As a result, we will be installing the game into each of our company restaurants nationwide and offering it to our family of franchisees as well.”
Vernon D. Crawford, Training & Management Relations Director IHOP CORP. View Letter

Restaurant #2
“In our three Marie Callendar’s restaurants, safety awareness has dramatically increased. In fact, one of our locations has gone almost a year and a half without a work-related injury or illness. As far as I know, that’s the longest we have gone in ANY store in over 30 years.”
Mary Cleary, Controller MARIE CALLENDER’S View Letter

Roofing Contractors
“We’ve been using the program for six months and have not had a lost-time injury in the past two and a half months. This is extremely positive, with 90% of our workers not even coming in to the office or shop area at all during the day. It’s worked very well both in terms of communicating with the crews and time efficiency.”
Michele Nerone, Marketing Director THERREL-KIZER ROOFING View Letter

Security/Protection Services
“We have had 438 days without a reportable or recordable work-related injury. This has netted us a savings in our work comp insurance of $54,000.00 a year for the past two years.”
Robert P. Bumann, Operations Manager – BOMAR SECURITY View Letter

Security Services
“Loomis Fargo was experiencing tremendous fleet liability problems and losses were mounting. Just before starting Safety Pays, the Atlanta branch has seven vehicle accidents in seven weeks. In the three months after starting the game, there were no accidents whatsoever.”
Ron Mulberry, Vice President LOOMIS-FARGO ARMORED SERVICES View Letter

“Since the inception of the Safety Pays Bingo game, I have to say involvement of the union and employees has proven to meet our objective of heightened awareness of safety in the workplace…the Safety Pays Bingo game has the labor group excited and helping this employer to reduce lost work day injuries by a reduction of 74% over the last year.”
Mike Lynch, Terminal Manager CSX LINES View Letter

Ski Resort
“We have reduced the number of employee accidents by 48% and Workers Comp costs by 63% over the past few years.”
Pam Hosier, Safety Manager ALPINE MEADOWS SKI CORP. View Letter

Sports Equipment
“In the year before putting in Safety Pays, the company had 72 injuries reported at a cost of $760,342. After implementing the game, claims dropped to 20 with a total cost of $13,000!”

Steel Manufacturer
“Since we put in the program nearly 17 months ago, we have had only one lost time accident which lasted only one day… and that was after 239 consecutive days without ANY accidents. We have subsequently surpassed that record with a streak of 274 successive days without an accident and still rising.”
Joseph M. Lyons, Employee Relations Manager TAMCO STEEL CORP. View Letter

Steel Extrusion
“Not only have we set a district record of having worked 500 working days without an OSHA recordable accident…we have also experienced a higher level of morale and a more positive working environment.”
Ronnie Marsh, ONEAL STEEL INC. View Letter

“Before implementing Safety Pays, we incurred 29 workers’ comp claims of which 16 were lost-time. During the same period after the game began, we had only 9 claims with only one lost time, which lasted only 3 days. We attribute the radical drop to Safety Pays.”
Craig Gebhardt, Store Director MAJOR MARKETS View Letter

“Safety Bingo has had a dramatic and immediate impact to 180 cliams loss experince. Just within 90 Days, the piloted locations that have implemented Safety Bingo have decreased their incidents by 30-50%; and in addition our employee morale in those locations has noticably improved. ”
Dwight E. Garner, Director of Risk Management 180 CONNECT, INC. View Letter

Temp Agency
“Since we this program started, as you can see, we have had 10 winners at approx 26 week without a qualifying injury, that’s a long stretch of time without injuries. We also saw an approximate 15% reduction inour mdoification rate over the past year.”
Lisa Warech, Director of Human Resources PROTOCALL BUSINESS & HEALTHCARE SERVICES View Letter

Tool Manufacturing
“I can say from experience that the purchase (of Safety Pays) was one of the best business investments that our company has made…went from thousands of dollars worth of claims over the course of two years to ZERO claims, since the program was implemented in Decemer of 2000.”
Tara Martin, Safety Coordinator COLORADO MACHINE SCREW COMPANY View Letter

Towel & Linen Supply
“We’ve had Safety Pays for several years and we keep improving year after year. Two years ago, we had the fewest accidents ever. I never thought we could match that record. Well, the following year was even better. We have several facilities and the program has had the same results in each facility.” Nicholas P. Brown, Vice President MICKEY’S LINEN & TOWEL SUPPLY View Letter

“The program has been a big hit with out employees and has been a major factor in reducing our workers’ comp claims by a large margin. They’re much more safety conscious and tend to remind their co-workers of potential safety violations”
Linda Simondi, Adminstration BIG HORN ENTERPRISES View Letter

“To date, our commercial automobile insurance claims have decreased drastically. Not only is the number of our claims down, but more importantly,our loss experience dollars have fallen more than 80% over the past year using the game.”
Jeffrey Silvey, Safety Director V&S TRANSPORT View Letter

“We’ve been very happy with the results of the program. The awareness is the key ingredient of the program and it has helped us to greatly reduce the number of on-the-job accidents we have experienced in the past.”
Ed Gawerecki, Director of Administration & Safety SCHILLI CORP. TRUCK TRANSPORT View Letter

Truss Manufacturing
“In less than 10 months that we have been using the program, our accident rate has dropped by 50%! Some of the employees even share their good fortune and buy lunch for everyone when they win.”
Monica Bally-Urban, Safety Coordinator ANDERSON TRUSS View Letter

Turbine Component Manufacturing
“Safety Pays has been in place for well over a year and we’ve seen a significant reduction in our OSHA recordable rate as well as the related costs per workers’ comp claim.”Shirley J. Dawson, Human Resource Manager – GOODRICH View Letter

“The results are only slightly less than phenomenal. When compared to the same period for last year before using Safety Pays, our accident reduction is over 50%. We are also experiencing improvement in team spirit and a rising safety consciousness.”
Richard Boughner, Safety Representative UAW Local 724 View Letter

“After implementing Safety Pays, we have experienced a 50% reduction in workers’ compensation claims filed, and a 66% reduction in claims dollars paid. Additionally, our auto accidents have dropped 33% and our collision expense has been reduced by over 78%!”
Ken Huber, Safety Coordinator California Water Service View Letter

Wholesale Distributors
“After two years on your program, we are celebrating 200 days without an injury as of this writing (this means not even a first aid injury). Our workers’ comp premiums have gone down tens of thousands of dallars due to this reduction in injury claims.”
Kalinda Smith, Manager R. Marlin Manufacturing & Distributing View Letter

Wood Finishing
“During that first year, we’ve seen amazing results. The yearly number of accidents in our facility dropped from 28 to just 8!”
Cynthia S. Hunsperger, Human Resources – HYTEK FINISHES CO. View Letter

Wood Milling
“The savings have been tremendous. In one year we have seen a reduction in OHSA recordable and T.I.R. drop more than 1/2.”
Roger Stauffer, Safety Manager CONESTOGA WOOD SPECIALTIES View Letter