What are Safety Incentives?

For most risk managers, the term “safety incentives” describes any reward/recognition mechanism designed to motivate a company’s workforce to increase on-the-job safety awareness.

However, for many, the question then becomes: “Why should I have to motivate my employees to do something – work safely — that they should already be doing so in the first place?”

The answer is simple:   Because it’s much more expensive not to.   Let’s face it, in today’s economic environment, cost reduction is essential. To accomplish that, ensuring a workforce avoids costly accidents resulting in injuries and damage to property is essential to any company’s bottom line.

Just as important is the people component – and that includes an understanding that without proper direction and motivation, people can and will take unnecessary risks in the performance of his or her job.  So, creating an environment of focused safety compliance first begins with the creation of a strong safety program.

But even if you build the world’s greatest car, it won’t get very far without “gas in the tank” – that is to say, the workforce’s commitment to drive that car as far as it can go.  That’s where safety incentives come in.

For those exploring safety incentives on-line for the first time, they’ll quickly discover there are basically two types of Safety Incentives plans offered:

PRODUCT Driven Safety Incentives: This is the type of incentive provider that derives its primary revenue through providing prize awards for employee safety success.  This is usually in the form of a catalog the employee can choose from offering a range of items from company caps, cups or jackets to high-end items such as flat-screen TV’s, DVD players, etc.

Product-oriented safety inventive companies make their money by requiring the client to sign an agreement – and often pay UPFRONT – for a year’s worth of prizes/products which are available to the workforce as the safety awards employees received.  In order for employees to earn those prizes, a simple game mechanism is included; usually scratch-off cards, or some similar gimmick to accumulate prize redemption points.

PROGRAM Driven Safety Incentives: Rather than making money from marking up a given line of products/prizes 100%, providers of Program-Driven safety incentive systems are selling a fully integrated system of both group and individual safety incentives utilizing a proprietary safety incentive formula.

Instead of being a one-size-fits-all strategy, such systems are fully customizable to a given Company’s needs and goals. The best of such safety incentive systems are fully-integrated to incorporate all of the essential elements of an effective safety incentive program.

These elements, especially OSHA Compliance, must ALWAYS be an integral part of a successful effective safety incentive program. Without them, motivating employees can easily lead to that most dangerous of flaws in a defective safety incentive approach: driving injuries underground.

Since 1991, Safety Pays has been the industry leader in providing the most effective low-cost safety incentive program available. Having worked with nearly 10,000 client companies over the past 25+ years, the Safety Pays formula for success is simple:

Provide a fun & rewarding safety incentive approach that successfully heightens a workforces’ safety awareness while simultaneously driving down losses.