Proven to Control Losses!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Safety Pays and its many benefits.   This website provides 10 video presentations explaining how Safety Pays works.    For those new to our safety incentive approach, start by clicking on the ‘Welcome!’ video (above) to learn the basics.

For those concerned about regulatory issues such as OSHA Compliance, we urge you to review both that video as well Non-Reporting Of Injuries.   For over 25+ years, we have provided not only one of the most effective approaches to safety motivation, but also one that has consistently met all OSHA guidelines.

Finally, if you simply want to dive right into the ABC’s of Safety Pays go to the website’s ABOUT SAFETY PAYS section and watch the series of videos there.    No matter which path you choose to learn more, we look forward to hearing from you in order to provide further information or assistance.    Welcome to Safety Pays!

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