Upgrade Safety Prize Bingo

Safety Pays was originally designed utilizing cash as the primary employee incentive reward. After all, Cash is King when it comes to motivating people. However, sometimes the utilization of cash isn’t possible due to a company’s corporate policy. Other entities such as government agencies are unable to use dollars as a reward to a regulatory prohibition. Therefore, we’ve provided an alternative prize approach on a case by case basis whenever the need arises.

Recently it occurred to us, ‘Why not offer this same option to our existing customers?’ We have client companies reaching back as far as the early 1990’s still utilizing Safety Pays. Many have fully utilized our menu of Upgrade options and are hungry for a new way to get their workforce’s attention. We’re therefore pleased to include Safety Prize Bingo as a new way to heighten employee interest.

Essentially, the game is played exactly the way you’re using the program right now. The difference is in how the jackpot “dollars” are treated when it comes time to rewarding each game round’s winner. Instead of dollars, the Jackpot is now filled with ‘safety bucks’ – points redeemable from a Prize Catalog of your choosing.

Sometimes, the prizes are gift cards redeemable at the company store and/or cafeteria. Others actually keep samples of the prizes on site to be carried away by a winning employee when the Safety Buck prize level is reached. Regardless of approach, when an individual wins a Safety Pays game round, he/she has the opportunity to choose any of the prizes which are available on that particular prize level – based on whatever prize source you use.

Moreover, this new “prize” approach allows the winners to either take the award immediately or save the safety jackpot dollars to combine with future winnings. Some companies even allow winning employees to combine the safety bucks they’ve won to be redeemed for a higher prize level they can thereafter share together.

The point of this Upgrade Suggestion is to provide the bait to keep the fish on the hook of daily workplace safety awareness. If we can assist with recommendations for prize strategies, just contact us through our Customer Support helpline and we’ll be back in touch with any number of recommendations that will fill your specific needs.



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