A problem common to most companies is how to improve the relationship between the supervisory staff and the workers for whom they’re responsible. This is exacerbated by the knowledge that the fate of one’s job is, to a large extent, determined by how a supervisor or manager sees us.

Add to that the fact that most on-going interactions between a supervisor and his or her employee are directive in nature. ‘Do it this way. Do it that way. Just do it the way I tell you to!’ Whether that’s the actual substance or tone of what’s said, that’s all too often the way it’s heard.

One of the primary goals of any management team, therefore, is to encourage the workforce through positive reinforcement. It’s crucial that every member of your team feel valued, appreciated, respected, and most importantly, tangibly recognized for his or her efforts.

How can this be accomplished? What tools can one use to reinforce these worthy goals? Clearly, competitive compensation and bonuses for those contributing to company success is fundamental to achieving this purpose. Often, though, what makes the biggest difference are the little things; the occasional “Attaboy!” or ‘Thanks!’ whenever an employee is observed making an extra effort.

Safety Pays is therefore offering an Upgrade Suggestion that’s sure to succeed in building those important bridges. Its design is specifically focused on helping your managers and supervisors become more responsive leaders. How? By motivating them!

Because the Safety Pays program primarily targets the rank & file workers, usually the manager/supervisors are not included in the bingo game. The problem is that when the supervisory staff is left out, they may not place as much focus on needed loss control oversight. We offer several existing strategies to tie the supervisors into the game, the “Jackpot Level” method.

Essentially, every time the Safety Pays jackpot hits a new fifty dollar threshold, the supervisory staff receives whatever’s in the jackpot, split equally among the managers if it’s just 2 or 3. If there are more, then provide a flat bonus amount like $50 to each member of supervisory staff. However, there are unlimited additional techniques to get these leaders further invested in the elevating their staff members; methods by which you can directly integrate them into the existing Safety Pays program’s rewards.

This Upgrade Suggestion further expands supervisor motivation by requiring your supervisors to meet a weekly “qualifier” in order to be eligible for their share of a supervisor incentive pool (or $50 each), whenever a jackpot dollar threshold is met.

In order to receive the supervisor bonus, each supervisor must make a weekly proactive contribution by handing out a Bonus Card to a worker observed going above and beyond the call.

The formula is simple:

Every week, each supervisor must turn in to the Safety Pays Program Administrator no less than one (1) written reason for a Bonus Card handed out to one of his/her staff members for any kind of observable achievement. If a supervisor fails to meet this weekly requirement, he or she is eliminated from the next supervisor safety bonus.

Moreover, for those companies wanting to strengthen this new motivational component, whenever 2 or more supervisors failed to meet this new weekly Bonus Card criteria, the supervisor safety bonus due when the next Jackpot $50 threshold is achieved will not be paid.

Record keeping is no more difficult than using the Employee Suggestion Log fillable PDF form we provide in the Customer Support section of our website. You’re simply expanding employee suggestions to any positive employee contributions.

Naturally then, individual employee achievement includes makings any suggestions whether safety related or not. It includes helping to reduce costly mistakes, or improving efficiencies. Any time one worker is seen assisting another without being asked would certainly be worth of handing out a Bonus Card. Assuring on-time performance, promoting good internal housekeeping… the list is endless.

RECOMMENDED: In order to give the Bonus Card some extra punch, assign a value to it ($25, $50, $100) that can be won by the employee if he/she wins the game with that Bonus Card. Want to add some extra supervisor motivation? If the employee wins the game and receives that special Bonus Card value – the supervisor who recognized that employee receives a matching dollar amount. For extra mileage, many companies take a photo of supervisor and employee together and post it on the employee bulletin board or in the employee newsletter.

Linking employee Bonus Card awards to supervisor bonuses can’t help but to improve manager/employee relations. There is nothing more valuable than the positive reinforcement one receives from his or her superior.

Through such recognition, not only are those receiving Bonus Cards motivated to try even harder, other co-workers quickly see that making that extra effort translates to there being something in it for them. Individual effort thereafter catches fire throughout your company with each Bonus Card handed out.

At Safety Pays, we’ve given this Upgrade Suggestion a motto for all supervisors to follow: ‘Catch ‘em in the act of doing something good!’ Doing so will help employee morale sky rocket thanks to how much of a “win-win” this Bonus Card strategy creates for everyone.



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