One of the things we often hear from Safety Pays users is a desire to increase the number of winners during each game round. Although we’ve offered several alternative strategies in the past, the one provided in this Upgrade Suggestion has proven extremely successful and is by far the preferred approach.

This strategy provides for as many as ten (10) winners per game while simultaneously doubling the length of the game round, thereby helping to keep your company’s annual incentive dollar budget in check.

As explained throughout the website’s video presentations, a standard Safety Pays game round lasts until the first participant hits “Bingo”; that is, five numbers in a row, whether horizontal, vertically or diagonally. When that winning bingo card has been verified, a new game round begins.

Increasing the number of winners per game round can dramatically impact a workforce’s enthusiasm and commitment to safety in the workplace. The following steps are how to implement this Safety Pays upgrade:

1.  Every game round will be played in exactly the same way as before. Each employee is provided a blue bingo Game Card – applicable for that game only. Bonus bingo cards will also be handed out to those employees who have individually earned them.

2.  As in the past, the starting Jackpot for a new game round is the same amount which was won in the previous game. Once a jackpot reaches its predesignated cap (maximum), it remains at that amount unless a safety infraction results in a Safety Violation, reducing the jackpot.

SPECIAL NOTE: Feel free to announce for this special game round that the Jackpot is being reset to a different amount. Sometimes a company will raise it to the maximum (eg. $250) for just that game round before returning to the last winning jackpot to continue regular Safety Pays game rounds.

3.  For most of our customer’s Safety Pays games, the daily jackpot dollar increase will remain the standard increase of $1 per day. Other clients will apply their customized daily draw dollar increase. Moreover, the daily draw continues to be one bingo ball pulled per day, as the game is designed.  (Just keep in mind, that if the Jackpot is at its maximum value, it will not increase further.   The Jackpot value remains the same throughout the game – subject to safety infraction reductions, if applicable.)

4.  MULTIPLE WINNERS: Instead of the game ending when the first employee hits Bingo – taking away the entire Jackpot, this specialized approach requires the game to continue. When one of these types of Bingos produces a winner, other ways to win remain; most requiring additional bingo draws to attain them. The harder the Bingo is to attain, the greater the Jackpot value payout a given winner receives:

Vertical Bingo (5 numbers in a row): 10% Jackpot Value
Horizontal Bingo (” ” ” ” ” ): 10% Jackpot Value
Diagonal Bingo ( ” ” ” ” ” ): 10% Jackpot Value
Four Corners (4 corner numbers): 10% Jackpot Value
Cross (middle horizontal & vertical rows): 25% Jackpot Value
T Bingo (top horizontal/middle vertical row):  25% Jackpot Value
X Bingo (2 Diagonal rows): 25% Jackpot Value
Vertical Stripes (1st, 3rd & Fifth Rows): 50% Jackpot Value
Horizontal Stripes (1st, 3rd & Fifth Rows): 50% Jackpot value
Square (all perimeters numbers): 50% Jackpot Value
Coverall Bingo (All numbers blacked-out): 100% Jackpot Value


Keep in mind, there’s nothing that says you have to utilize all of these various bingo possibilities.  However, our experience is that it provides a much broader set of awards parameters to strengthen employee enthusiasm and interest.   The only genuine concern you need to consider is that your budget parameters allow for these expanded safety incentive rewards.

There are other approaches that can be taken to increase the number of winners each game round, so if you’d like further information, touch base with us via our Customer Support helpline.



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