Upgrade Ideas Achievement

As all of our customers know, Safety Pays is designed to encourage employees to make workplace safety a priority, not only for themselves, but for those they work with. Thus, the fundamental design of the game is based on providing on-going rewards to a specific group of employees who are together successfully keeping their workplace safety infraction free.

But, equally important, is providing opportunities for individual employee recognition. That’s why the Bonus Card dimension of Safety Pays plays such a vital role. It’s crucial that there be some mechanism in place which specifically rewards individual workers for their efforts and contributions.

This is especially important over the long haul to help sustain the safety awareness success a company has previously achieved through Safety Pays utilization. This Upgrade Suggestion provides for a special Bonus Card to those workers who have expressed a commitment to personal safety through remaining safety infraction free for an extended period of time.

Here are the basics:

  • Each employee who has gone a full year without having committed a safety infraction automatically receives a bonus card worth $25 at the beginning of each new game round. If that employee wins the game with the special Bonus Card, he/she receives the Jackpot PLUS a $25 bonus.
  • That same Bonus Card will be worth an extra $25 for each additional consecutive year he/she has gone without committing a safety infraction. We recommend capping the maximum bonus card value at $250 (10 years without a safety infraction).
  • These Individual Safety Recognition Bonus Cards are based either on an employee’s anniversary date if remaining safety infraction free since the date of hire, OR as of the anniversary date of an employee’s last recorded safety infraction.
  • Such Bonus Cards (with accompanying increased bonus values) are only awarded at the beginning of a game round. If an employee passed his/her anniversary date while a game round is being played, they will become eligible for the next level of bonuses only at the beginning of the next game round.

This “Individual Incentive Reward” is recommended not only because it provides reward recognition for personal safety achievement, but in a way that motivates co-workers to strive for similar recognition.

Success breeds success.



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