Often our customers want to use Safety Pays to take advantage of the goodwill the program generates among their workers. This applies most often whenever there is an annual picnic or event where all a company’s employees are able to come together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Other companies want to do something special around Christmas in order to capitalize on all of the accomplishments made during the year. Taking advantage of the holidays to celebrate workforce achievement provides a wonderful motivational push for the New Year ahead.

That’s why so many long-term Safety Pays users have incorporated a year-end Grand Prize Game Round into their Safety Pays programs. The way most approach this is in one of two ways:

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: This technique is most effective when casting a wide net highlighting a specific accomplishment.

  • Decide what the specific workforce accomplishment is that management wants to highlight. Let’s say it’s thanking all of the Company employees who were 100% safety compliant over the course of the year (no safety infractions committed). Obviously, if the reward were strictly one ‘grand’ prize, the bingo winner takes all. However, we recommend instead pursuing this alternant rewards strategy:
  • Refer to the Safety Pays Upgrade Suggestion: More Winners Per Game Round. That approach allows for a series of winners in a given game round.  New winners are based on possessing a bingo card with progressively more numbers that are covered in a variety of configurations.  For example, the first winner is a straight bingo, the second is hitting all 4 corners, the third goes to the first bingo card covered as an X, the 4th occurs when all the perimeter numbers of the card have been drawn. Each prize awarded is progressively grander until a bingo card has been entirely blacked-out resulting in the game’s final Grand Prize.

TEAM APPROACH: This approach works best when the atmosphere is festive (eg. company picnic) and there’s a sense of communal participation.

  • Taking the example from above, divide those participating workers into teams. Sometimes it’s by department, sometimes by shift, sometimes by location. Even boys versus girls!  Utilize whatever team approach works best for your company’s demographics. Once again, as in the example provided above, those teams are made up of only those members of the workforce who were 100% safety compliant over the course of the year (no safety infractions committed).
  • Each member of the team receives a bingo card. When an employee from a given team wins, they receive a group prize such as a scheduled pizza party in the future, company jackets, or even small denomination gift cards.
  • Naturally, the ‘More Winners Per Game Round’ Upgrade formula can be utilized here. The entire idea is that in a group setting each team member gets to play not just his or her bingo card but receives a reward if any other employee on his/her team wins. It’s a terrific way to build group comradery and a sense of communal success.

These are just two basic approaches but there are countless ways to take advantage of Safety Pays as a rewards mechanism for special achievement through a Grand Prize or year-end game round. Touch based through our CUSTOMER SUPPORT Helpline for further information.



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