With the success Safety Pays customers have experienced using our incentive formula to enhance workplace safety, many thereafter request assistance with the integration of performance incentives into the game.

Designing safety incentives is rather straight forward since every company’s goal is the same: the elimination of safety infractions that can result in accidents. The difficulty in setting up incentives to address performance goals is that each company’s needs are different.

Nevertheless, we have succeeded in designing an approach that can be easily utilized by any of our client companies. We refer to this incentive strategy as “Performance Qualifiers”, a set of job standards each participant must meet whenever at work. As you’ll see, it’s a Safety Pays value-added that requires no further cost to you – either in terms of additional materials required or more importantly, added incentive dollars costs as is the case with an Upgrade Suggestion such as More Winners Per Game Round.

It’s just this simple: List a series of performance standards that all the employees participating in a given program must individually meet each day. If an employee fails to meet any of these performance standards, he/she is eliminated from that current game round. What follows is a sample list we often see our clients include:

  • No unexcused absences
  • Assigned work completed on-time
  • Not late for work more than once per game round
  • Work area kept clean
  • Paperwork properly completed

In addition, a manufacturer might add the following performance standards to their Safety Pays program:

  • Equipment properly maintained
  • Avoiding unnecessary material waste

A service company such as a restaurant, retail store, or any company directly interfacing with the general public might include:

  • No legitimate customer complaints
  • Always wear a clean uniform and be properly groomed
  • Service provided in a timely and friendly manner

Those customers who have fleets or a large number of company vehicles could possibly include:

  • Vehicles always kept locked and clean
  • Key returned to proper location
  • Always park company vehicles in designated areas

Taking this approach allows any company to define a specific set of performance standards to incorporate at the beginning of a new Safety Pays game round. Moreover, to increase the motivational power of these performance incentives, we recommend including some sort of rewards mechanism. Here are some suggested sweeteners:

•  Any employee who succeeds at meeting all the performance standards for 3 consecutive games will be awarded a $50 bonus card for use in the subsequent game round. Win with the bonus card and receive $50 in addition to the jackpot amount. Go a year in meeting all the standards, and receive a $100 bonus card!

•  Whenever, all of the employees on an assigned Safety Pays game have successfully met their performance standards during a game round, the jackpot will be increased by an additional $100 for the subsequent game round (only).

Part of the goal of this Upgrade Suggestion is to help new Safety Pays customers recognize that our employee motivation formula has applications far beyond the elimination of workplace safety infractions. In point of fact, Safety Pays is designed to be an incentive vehicle for any & all Human Resource needs.



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