Safety Pays Tools For Customers

On Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Safety Pays Tools For Customers.

One of the regular inquiries we receive is from prospects stopping by our website who can’t find the ‘Safety Pays Customer Tools’ section.    The reason is in the name:   it’s for Customer’s Only! — and therefore password protected.   The intellectual property they are provided access to is part of the program support they’re paying for.

Since 1991, Safety Pays has always provided toll-free customer assistance via our 800 line.    However, with so many on-line advantages, we now offer our customers a portal by which they can access a number of helpful tools.   From the moment a new customer receives their ordered Safety Pays program materials, virtually everything needed to get things started are provided there.

Safety Pays Customer Tools is divided into three sections:

  • Implementation Support Videos
  • Administrative Fillable PDF Game Forms
  • Upgrade Ideas

We provide not just one, but 5 different implementation videos to assist with Safety Pays roll-out.   They include one reviewing all of the game components as well as another taking a new customer through an entire game round in order to navigate the sequence of game play.   There’s also a very useful Tips & Suggestions video with recommendations on how to get the most motivational bang for the buck!

When Safety Pays was first offered in the early 1990’s, the internet had yet to gain traction.   So, all of our game forms were provided inside a binder.   We continue to provide these materials, but most customers prefer the on-line fillable forms; all downloadable.   The range of forms covers everything from Rules & Regulations to the Game Card Sign-In Roster.

Last but not least, Safety Pays is not a one size fits all system.   It’s designed to be inherently flexible allowing for a variety of adaptations depending on a given company’s loss control needs.  Furthermore, we recognize the need to continually provide tweaks and new game twists in order to keep Safety Pays fresh and dynamic for the workforce.    A library of ideas to accomplish is at our customers’ fingertips.

Safety Pays has been considered a leader in the safety incentive industry for well over 25 years.   Our reputation is based on the simple fact that we deliver motivational results – and in as user-friendly a way as possible.   Safety Pays Customer Tools is just the latest reason why.