The Safety Pays Challenge

On Friday, April 27th, 2018

Are you in the market for a safety incentive program?

If the lowest price is your guide, there are plenty of safety incentive games to choose from, many at a lower price point than Safety Pays.   However, you’ll quickly discover a ‘game’ is all you’ll be receiving.

That was the last thing on the mind of Safety Pays designer back in the late 1980’s.   What he was looking to create was a motivational safety program – integrating any number of loss control initiatives.

Yes… in order to create an entertaining approach to elevating safety awareness, a game strategy was utilized.   However, the ‘game’ dimension of Safety Pays is strictly the sizzle.

The meat of the program is how it drives a company’s safety program to ever greater success.   With a little investigation, you’ll readily see that what’s offered at our competitors’ various websites pales in comparison to what Safety Pays provides its customers.

Is there any other safety incentive offering that provides the multi-dimensional approach that can be found at   Compare the video introductions our website provides in helping viewers learn more.

Does any other safety incentive platform offer the kind of regular insight provide as found here?   Review the endless list of client letters and emails that speak to the level of incident reduction success Safety Pays has provided over the years.

Moreover, our program is not a one-size fits all.   We ensure our client companies are provided the ability to customize Safety Pays to whatever their specific needs are.   Safety Pays also includes on-going upgrade ideas in order to keep the program fresh and dynamic.

On top of all that, our customer service department is constantly providing ways to expand Safety Pays to other human resource needs such as housekeeping or attendance.

We therefore urge those interested in finding the best safety incentive program to Google ‘safety incentives’, ‘safety bingo’, or ‘safety incentive programs’.     Then ask yourself one of three questions with each website you review:

  1. Does it provide the essential elements an effective set of safety incentives require? Or is it just a bunch of game pieces assembled to look like a safety incentive system?
  2. Is the safety incentive vendor nothing more than a prize house requiring you to buy its product list as rewards (usually with an accompanying 100% mark-up)?
  3. OR… is what’s offered similar to Safety Pays: an integrated system that provides both long-term effectiveness as well as full OSHA compliance?

Once you accept the Safety Pays challenge, we’re confident you’ll discover what thousands of other companies have experienced for themselves.   There’s really no comparison whatsoever to the safety inventive approach Safety Pays provides.