Safety Program Upgrades

The Safety Pays program includes unlimited assistance in keeping the game fresh.   We’re committed to keeping the workforce fully engaged with a constant set of new incentive ideas!

We automatically provide — free of charge — a number of value-added services to our customers for as long as a company is using Safety Pays.

This includes free Upgrade ideas that include:

  • Safety Slogan Campaign – “Phrase That Pays!”
  • Addressing Attendance, Absenteeism & Tardiness
  • Annual Grand Prize Game Round
  • Multiple Winners Per Game Round
  • Adding Performance Incentives
  • The Buddy System (partnering co-workers to be responsible to one another)
  • …and many more!

Access to all of these proprietary tools are available in the Customer Support section of this website’ via Log-In — along with downloadable & mobile friendly documentation for administrative support as well as Program Implementation videos.

In addition, our Customer Service team stands ready to assist you whenever you need to revise your program to the changing needs of your loss control program. All of these upgrade suggestions can be found at our Customer Support desk via Customer Log-In.

For example, we can help you transition to a new set of game rules which focus on expanded safety concerns such as housekeeping or attendance.   You provide the incentive goal; we provide the methodology to incorporate that new goal into Safety Pays.

Maybe you want to combine two new departments under one Safety Pays program application. We can assist with providing you instructions on how to run our “Split Jackpot Program Design” allowing two different groups of employees to participate in the same game but having separate jackpots for each.

On the other hand, maybe you need to expand your program with the growth of your workforce.  Why try to figure it out yourself, when we offer a menu of alternatives and assistance, all Free of Charge?!