Safety Program Components

The Safety Pays workplace incentive system provides everything you’ll need to drive the game for a full year.  This includes all required program materials as well as any and all customer service requirements to assist with installation and assistance once the game is up and running.

The only true option is whether you wish to make your Safety Pays program bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Every Safety Pays program is a complete “turn-key” system. Safety Pays can be adapted to either employees working all together under one roof or for situation where the workforce is spread far and wide such as the case with construction sites.

A variety of support mechanisms are included for easy set-up and implementation.  Such tools include on-line Orientation videos, individual Rules & Regulations to hand-out to the employees, a comprehensive set of Administration Guidelines, as well as a Program Checklist for quick reference for game play.

Each Safety Pays program application includes the following materials:

  1. Master Game Board (1 – large version)
  2. Bingo Game Cards (1 pack – 250 cards)
  3. Bonus Cards (1 pack – 125 cards)
  4. Colored Acrylic Game Balls (1 set – 75 numbered balls)
  5. Canvas Ball Draw Bag
  6. Ball Storage Zip-Lock Holder
  7. Game Board Marker
  8. Program Binder
  • – Section 1: Administrative Guidelines/Program Checklist
  • – Section 2: Rules & Regulations* (50 copies – Employee Version)
  • – Section 3: Game Log/Sign-In Roster (15 copies)
  • – Section 4: Safety Violations* (25 copies)
  • – Section 5: Employee Suggestions Logs (15 copies)
  1. Display Frame
  2. Program Announcement Mini-Poster*
  3. Rules & Regulations Mini-Poster*
  4. Winner Circle Mini-Posters* (15 copies)
  5. Safety Advisory Mini-Posters* (15 copies)
  6. Employee Suggestion Forms* (2 pads – 100 each)

*Employee components are also available in Spanish

Click on this visual guide of the program components for a detailed explanation of each of these items as listed above.

Safety Pays customers also receive private website access to a special CUSTOMERS ONLY portal that includes program implementation & orientation videos, program upgrade suggestions as well as software versions of all of the game’s administrative tools.