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Since officially rolling out the Safety Pays program in late 1991, journalists from across the USA have continued to report on the success which Safety Pays has brought to literally thousands of companies nationwide.

In each and every article written about Safety Pays, client companies are regularly quoted as to the amazing reduction in losses recognized after implementation of our incentive program. These are just a few samples from the many stories written about Safety Pays over the years:

New York Times
“At FTT Manufacturing in Genesco, the safety bingo jackpot starts at $2 for every day without an injury… We didn’t want to give (the workers) something cheesy — where people say “big deal”, said Wade Smith, co-director of FTT’s safety programs. Within a year of introducing the game, he said, injuries fell by a third at the company which makes high-precision parts for many industries. The game was set-up for FTT by an outside firm, Safety Pays…” View Article

Chicago Business Journal
“This newfangled bingo game is the brainchild of California businessman, Seth Marshall, who like business operators across the country, was desparately looking for a way to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation. For Book Covers, Inc., it’s the hottest thing they have going. Not only is it fun for the 130 employees, the company cut it’s accident rate by nearly 80% since implementing it…” View Article

Los Angeles Times
“Workplace accidents cost small business owners a fortune every year in rising insurance premiums and lost productivity. That’s why many companies are taking agressive steps to improve worker safety and awareness. In 1990, Sun Litho had 72 reported injuries at a cost of $760,342, or about $10,500 per claim. A year after implementing Safety Pays, there were only 20 claims at a cost of about $655 each, for a total of just over $13,000…” View Article

Atlanta Business Chronicle
“It’s auto liability losses were mounting as employees were having more accidents. So Ron Mulberry, VP of fleet safety for Loomis Fargo Armored Services in Atlanta, introduced a game called ‘Safety Pays’. Just before starting the game, the Atlanta branch had seven vehicle accidents in seven weeks. Since the implementation of the program, it has gone nearly three months without an accident…” View Article

Nation’s Restaurant News
“One effort to encourage workplace safety and awareness involved a bingo game designed by a company called, “Safety Pays based out of Santa Monica California. ‘It’s a good thing for morale’ said Karen Strakosh of Los Angeles bases Daily Grill restaurants. ‘It takes only a couple of minutes each day. ‘Our employees have a vested interest in safety’ said Jim Hicks, Koo Koo Roo director of restaurant communication and operations services…” View Article

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News
“There’s no denying that (Safety Pays) help many employers cut workers’ comp costs. The testimonials of Safety Pays program users abound: A Michigan metal stamping auto parts firm that once sent members of its roughneck crew to the hospital every week cut its accident rate in half a year after buying Safety Pays. A Houston maker of oil well packers reaped a 46 to 1 return on investment after running Safety Pays for a year and a half. A Wisconsin ready-mix concrete producer attributes a $13,000 insurance dividend and a noticeable change in attitudes to Safety Pays…” View Article

BNA’s Bulletin To Management
“The Safety Pays program motivates workers by targeting self-interest while creating an atmosphere that unites employees toward a common goal. Peer pressure is felt by workers to avoid the short-cuts and unsafe actions. The program also provides individual acknowledgement by posting the names of the winners at the conclusion of each game. According to Jeff Reynolds of Pacific Supply Company, a West Coast building materials distributor that uses Safety Pays… a mimimum amount of administrative time is required. After his company adopted the program, Reynolds reports workplace accidents decreased by 53% and workers’ compensation costs fell by $350,000 in a single year…” View Article

Business Briefing
“Games can get your employees to buy into health and safety programs. At Easton Aluminim, the business had 72 injury reports in 1990 costing a toel of $760,342 in workers’ compensation. By 1993, claims droped to 20. These mostly minor claims cost just $13,000. Safety Pays which manufactures the game…” View Article

Cost Controller Magazine
“Since putting the Safety Pays incentive program into place in 1992, General Ribbon Corp. of Chatsworth California has experienced an 80% drop in workplace injuries that involve workers comp claims, reports Matt Carmen, Safety Coordinator. “This incentive game has allowed me to be proactive, not reactive, about safety’ Carmen notes…” View Article

Construction Equipment Distribution Magazine
“Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that work best. That’s what dealers and distributors who have adopted a deceptively simple safety incentive program are finding. ‘The employees like the program’, reports Whayne Supply, one of the largest Caterpillar dealerships in the United States. Even more important, they pay attention. ‘By (Safety Pays) being a part of our daily routine, it forces everybody to think about safety at least once a day…” View Article

Hotel/Motel Safety Management Newsletter
“According to Maury Mortensin, risk manager and supervisor of security, at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Palm Desert California, loss time claims are down 15 cases from the previous year. Minor injuries, not involving lost work days have dropped 48% since the program was started. The Hotel Nikko at Beverly Hills near Los Angeles California reports going from an average of one employee accident a day to one a week since starting the program three years ago…” View Article

Safety And The Supervisor Magazine
“If you don’t put gas in your car, it won’t run. A safety incentive program is like the gas in your car. Once you have the foundation of a good safety program in place, you can give it gas by developing a safety incentive plan. It’s the ‘power’ that makes your safety program run. The idea behind the Safety Pays system is that it constantly changes to help capture and keep employees’ attention… and in a way that’s fun…” View Article

Cost Control News
“A specially adapted bingo game has helped American First Federal Credit Union… significantly reduce its number of workers’ comp claims. Since they started the program two years ago, they’ve seen their loss ration become very low. The game is faun and makes everyone work toward the common goal of creating a safety working environment. In fact, if employees are tempted to do something unsafe, peers will try to dissuade them…” View Article