Safety Pays Joins The Navy!

On Friday, May 18th, 2018

Actually, the Safety Pays program has been utilized in virtually every branch of the United States military — usually on behalf of its civilian workforce.   From weapons depots to logistics warehouses, Safety Pays has always been ready to enlist and serve!

Past military Safety Pays users include Ft. Bliss Army Base in El Paso, Ft. Polk Army Base in Louisiana, Edwards Airforce Base in California as well as the US Airforce Academy in Colorado.   The latest addition to the military portion of the Safety Pays family is the Navy’s facility in Gulfport Mississippi.

Raising employee safety awareness is a universal need regardless of whether a person works in the private or public sector.   For the past 25 years, governmental agencies on a local, state and federal level have utilized Safety Pays thanks to both its proven effectiveness and built-in safeguards full OSHA compliance.

With OSHA’s new injury reporting guidelines now in place, we appreciate the various military branches continued utilization of Safety Pays successful motivational approach.   It’s yet another vote of confidence that our program delivers enhanced workers safety awareness while ensuring all OSHA parameters are adhered to.

We therefore want to take this opportunity to thank the United States military for its continued deployment of Safety Pays throughout its various branches.   Here’s our salute to you!