Safety Pays Can Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread

On Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

At no time in the past 80 years has American business been faced with such daunting loss control challenges.   For all a company may have done to protect against worker injury and/or property loss, few were prepared for the impact of Covid-19.   Now, even as the virus continues, businesses are beginning to reopen.   It is, therefore, crucial to be fully prepared, meeting any new standards of care for both a company’s workers and its customers.

The list of new requirements is long, from securing the proper PPE for virus protection to the installation of employee temperature monitoring or the requirement of daily on-line health check-ins.  These needs are what’s necessary to not only protect a given company’s workforce but also help prevent a new wave of infections and avoid future ‘stay at home’ orders.

To be successful, the most crucial element of all is the employees’ complete adherence to all such new safety protocols.   That’s where Safety Pays comes in.

One of the inherent benefits of our safety incentive system is its built-in flexibility.  Rather than predicating our Program’s incentives on injuries or losses, Safety Pays sole metrics is ‘safety infractions’.  Stay infraction free and the Safety Pays jackpot grows.   But failure to follow the new Covid-19 protections will result in future jackpot deductions.   Integrating new social distancing measures into the Safety Pays program is, therefore, an easy process – given that safety is why such Covid-19 protections are required.

Given today’s uncertainties, Safety Pays can provide much greater confidence that a company’s employees are fully compliant with new Covid-19 protections.  It also is a daily reminder to your workforce that preventing the spread of coronavirus remains a top priority.  The successful companies going forward will be those who use every resource at their disposal to ensure a safe workplace.   Safety Pays can help.