Safety Incentives Temper Workplace Violence

On Monday, March 11th, 2019

For those of us committed to helping companies increase employee safety awareness, one of the most alarming new statistics is that workplace homicides represent nearly 10% of all workplace deaths in the US – a recent 20% year over year increase.   Moreover, there are over 2 million incidents of workplace violence each year.

While the workplace itself does not create violence, it can create an arena in which certain people act in a violent manner.  Recent data indicates that vast majority of American workers believe their job is the most significant cause of stress in their lives.   On the job stress is something what can be controlled but never completely overcome.

Prevention begins with early identification of the problem.   The first step is to conduct pre-employment screenings that can rule out certain personalities.   Moreover, its critical employers stress to their employees the need to report any incidents of workplace violence or harassment.

A key ingredient for virtually every employer is the implementation of a management policy expressing zero tolerance for workplace violence as well as a commitment to fair treatment of others.  A set of clear procedures for conflict resolution can also be extremely useful.

But most important of all is at atmosphere driven by positive energy and success.   It’s a place where people feel not only rewarded for the good work they do, but are constantly being nurtured through recognition and reinforcement.    People who are properly motivated are much more like to see and find harmony together then those who are not.