Safety Incentives Reinforce Safety Training

On Monday, January 14th, 2019

Everyone deserves a chance to learn the safest way to perform a job.   Indeed, OSHA spells out employee safety training and information requirements, but it doesn’t provide the delivery system.

That’s entirely in a given company’s hands.  Moreover, there’s a unique set of safety training needs specific to that company’s environment and the type of work being done.   How is this most effectively accomplished?

The equation being solved for in any training scenario is how to migrate the student’s thought process from having to learn something, to wanting to.   This gains a special urgency when it comes to the realm of safety training.   The sooner an employee wants to know how work safely, they sooner he or she will do so.   Simply stated, they’re motivated.

However, there’s an even more powerful reason to encourage employees in ways to stay safe.   It’s those employees who thereafter lead the way reinforcing to co-workers the important safety lessons they’ve been taught.

The benefits of utilized positive reinforcement tools are therefore enormous and an OSHA compliant incentive approach, is a crucial piece to the puzzle.   When it comes to safety training, integrating safety incentives into the process provides another layer of assurance that the employees are both listening and learning.