Safety Incentives: Every Kind of Company Finds Them Essential!

On Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Safety Incentives:   Every Kind of Company Finds Them Essential!

Beginning in 1992, Safety Pays published a Quarter Customer Newsletter which included a welcome to our latest customers.  Its purpose, though, was to update Safety Pays users with the new upgrade ideas, OSHA compliance safety incentive changes as well as techniques to make the safety incentive program we provide as effective as possible.

When the new website was created in 2017 – including the special Client Only section we refer to as Safety Pays Support Tools, our Customer Newsletter was discontinued.   What hasn’t changed is the astounding number of different kinds of companies that continue to utilize safety incentives as a key component to their overall safety program.

Some of our more recent customers are illustrative of the workplace diversity in which Safety Pays is today being implemented:

  • Ring’s End: A New York/Connecticut lumber & building supply company
  • Greystone Manufacturing: An Iowa firm that manufactures plastic pallets
  • Solomon Corp: A Kansas business specializing in high voltage transformers, regulators, etc.
  • Genessee County Division of Water & Waste in Flint Michigan: We’re proud to be part of the effort to ensure safety is Job #1 in Flint, including water quality
  • The Cypress of Charlotte: a North Carolina senior retirement & assisted living facility.
  • Top Drawer Components: Specialty furniture manufacturer
  • The Truss Company: Home Roof Builder in Sacramento CA
  • Lansing Board Of Water & Light: Lansing Michigan Utility
  • RSI Russo & Sons Waste/Debris Removal:  Florida Waste Removal
  • Bold Rock Partners: Makers of Apple Cider
  • Roosevelt Water Conservation District: Arizona Water Utility
  • Deliver-It: Southern California delivery service

For a more comprehensive representation of Safety Pays customer base, feel free to peruse the dozens of letters and emails in the CLIENTS SAY section of this website.

For over 25 years, Safety Pays has helped thousands of companies throughout the US achieving astounding loss control results.

Their stories speak for themselves.