Safety Incentives Address Absenteeism & Tardiness

On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

What manager doesn’t face this with regularity:  either an employee is absent without providing notice or someone is habitually showing-up late for work.

It’s a headache to be sure.    But poor attendance is not just a personnel and cost issue.    The elimination of absenteeism and tardiness is, therefore, key to ensuring zero a perfect company safety record.

Consider what occurs in any production or time-sensitive environment when an employee suddenly doesn’t show up for work.   The rest of the workforce must compensate and often that leads to increasing the pace of work.

That’s where safety comes in.    A regulated speed is one thing, but when labor shortage forces workers to move too quickly, accidents can and will occur.

It’s, therefore, crucial to understand that employee attendance is a safety issue.   Thus, if an accident-free workplace is the goal, then it’s essential to eliminate absenteeism & tardiness to the extent it exists.   To that end, Safety Pays offers its customers a number of techniques to ensure they climb on board with the goal of perfect attendance.

Some clients favor simply canceling an employee’s Safety Pays bingo card if an unexcused absence occurs during a given game round.   Other companies do something similar to promote on-time arrival at work.

They provide employees either a 5 or 10 minute grace period each day.   However, when the employee reports late two or more times during a game round, that employee is eliminated.  Others take a carrot and stick approach with automatic extra bingo Bonus Cards handed out to any employee who’s gone a year with perfect attendance.

These are benign yet effective ways to communicate to a worker that good attendance and zero accidents go hand in hand.    Sure… everyone can, at times, have a tendency to be late.    However, everyone also knows how to be on-time and usually are….when properly motivated.

It’s all about finding the right bait to hook the fish.   But when you do, it’s almost as though the fish are hopping into the boat on their own!   We invite you to join us on the good ship Safety Pays!