Safety Incentive Recipe: Take A Card! Earn A Card!

On Monday, September 17th, 2018

For those seeing Safety Pays for the first time, one of the obvious questions is, ‘Why are there two different colors of bingo cards used?’   The answer is simple:   Our blue bingo cards are used as each employee’s regular ‘Game Card’, with new blue cards distributed at the beginning of each game round.   If an employee is included in Safety Pays, he/she receives this as part of their game participation in the program.

Red bingo cards are what Safety Pays refers to as ‘Bonus Cards’.  These are additional chances to win based on some form of initiative or achievement.   It’s important the employees know the Company values not only the overall workforce’s success at mitigating losses, but that individual effort contributing to the goal of an accident-free workplace, will be commensurately rewarded.

The Safety Pays design is intended to drive group safety awareness while simultaneously harnessing those individual employees expressing unique contributions in some way.   One example is the Program’s Employee Suggestion component providing Bonus Cards whenever an employee sees something then says something.

Another is the game’s safety slogan campaign called ‘Phrase That Pays’.   Post that game round’s safety phrase next to the Safety Pays game board.  If an employee can repeat it when asked on-the-job, he or she receives a Bonus Card on the spot for use in the current game round.

There’s literally hundreds of ways Safety Pays utilizes the bingo game formula in order to invite greater employee participation to bringing greater safety to the workplace.    Different colored bingo cards are simply one of the ways Safety Pays achieves this.