Safety Incentive Motivation = Heightened Employee Safety Education

On Friday, September 7th, 2018

Why does employee motivation matter?   Because once a worker moves from being forced to do something to instead wanting to do it, they become teachable.

Safety is a dry subject.   Everyone thinks they walk through life mindful of safety – including cigarette smokers or people who refuse to wear a seatbelt while driving.

The question therefore becomes:   How can such people be more effectively trained to be mindful of ALL potential dangers – including those they might otherwise ignore?

The idea behind the Safety Pays approach to employee incentives has one primary goal in mind: helping people learn by linking a motivational process (safety incentives) to a teaching model (a company’s safety program).

To the extent a workforce desires a more complete understanding of best safe practices, the better able the employees are to express them.

There will always be those who argue that safety incentives are an underhanded way of ‘buying’ employee cooperation.    But that defies the entire American model of doing business.

Each of us does our job in order to receive a menu of benefits – whether in the form of pay, recognition, elevation and/or other types of available rewards.  The better we do our jobs, the more we receive.  Thus, linking employee rewards to safety achievement is pretty simple math.

The employee who has the best safety education thereafter becomes the best teacher for his co-workers.

In order to accelerate this process, safety incentives motivate such employees to first learn — then become willing teachers.   Thanks to a safety incentive program being in place, they know something is in it for them whenever such effort is made.

In other words, the more effectively a company applies employee motivation as an extension of safety communication & training, the better assured it is of a more highly educated workforce in the realm of workplace safety.

That’s how Zero Accident/Injury records are achieved.   Permanently.