Employee Rewards and Recognition Program - Safety Incentive Cash

People don’t work for prizes. They respond to money. Just like YOU!

The age-old argument in the safety incentive industry boils down to this:

What reward works best to motivate a worker?  What positive reinforcement mechanism will genuinely incentivize a given set of employees to work more safely?

There’s just one problem as far as getting a straight answer.

Those screaming loudest and longest arguing for prizes as rewards — usually in the form of a product redemption catalog — are the very safety incentive companies that require its customers to purchase such the prizes (products) through them — all at a significant mark-up!

At Santa Monica Seafood, the company where Safety Pays was originally developed, such a prize catalog was actually utilized. Management had bought into all the arguments that products as prizes had “trophy value” — and are therefore better than a money reward.  It certainly made sense at the time.  There was just one problem.

One after another, the employees kept saying “Why don’t you just give us the money instead?” — especially when they couldn’t find anything in the catalog they liked.

Well, in the fish business, there’s an old saying: You bait the hook to suit the fish. So, the safety incentive was changed over to a cash alternative and immediately, employee interest thereafter exploded!

It was also discovered that by working with cash, the full value of the reward itself was delivered directly to the workers rather than paying for the cost of a middleman.

Another problem with prizes and products is, well… stuff breaks. There’s nothing like having a ticked-off employee who rather than feeling rewarded, ends up thinking he got screwed!

Guess what most companies end up doing to fix the problem?  That’s right!   They provide a cash replacement instead! It’s the only way to ensure the employee walks away happy.

Make no mistake: there’s any number of different safety incentive formulas available in the marketplace. But, just like everything else in life, some are better than others.

When it comes to the best type of reward, take it from the program provider who makes ZERO money off of selling you the reward component of a safety incentive program:

Cash is king!