Safety Bingo Games Are NOT Alike!

On Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Over the decades, we’ve seen any number of imitators — especially after the advent of the Internet in the 1990’s.  Suddenly every Tom, Dick & Harry was heralding their version of safety bingo as though it offered the same proven effectiveness as Safety Pays.

Nothing could be further from the truth.   All one needs to do is visit the various websites promoting safety bingo products.   The Safety Pays differences are stark.

Most such offerings are nothing more than a set of rinky-dink bingo components that include a set of specialized rules.   There’s little to nothing that provides on-going loss control support, much less regular upgrade ideas to support long term program usage.

How do they compete with Safety Pays?    By promoting such safety bingo games as cheaper than Safety Pays.   The problem is such buyers get exactly what they paid for; a generic safety bingo game and little more.

Playing bingo was never the idea behind Safety Pays.   Its purpose was instead to link a company’s safety program to a motivational approach designed to encourage elevated employee safety awareness.

So when it comes to purchasing a safety bingo game… first ask yourself this question:  What am I actually buying?

If it’s just a simple safety game for your employees to play, then any safety bingo game will do.   They’re all pretty much the same.

However, if the purpose behind your safety bingo purchase is to have a program that’s been designed to achieve a full menu of loss control needs, then Safety Pays is the only bingo system that ensures all such value-added elements are included.

Furthermore, you’re assured of long-term customer support for as long as Safety Pays is utilized with a constant low of new ways to utilize and/or expand the program to include a variety of employee goals.

Cost is always a factor.   What matters more is the value received for the price you pay.   We’re confident you’ll see the Safety Pays difference!