Safety Bingo Game Program

23Safety Pays is NOT just safety bingo.  Yes, it has its roots in safety bingo, but the two are as different from one another as a Ferrari is from a Model-T.

The term “safety bingo” is a simple workplace incentive concept that’s been around since the 1950’s.   Over the next half century, any number of canned safety bingo games became available.   Frankly, they’re a dime a dozen.

Along with scratch-off cards and prize catalogs, safety bingo has been one of many “old-school” approaches to worker motivation.

The problem has been that the emphasis was always more on “playing a game” than on the more important goal of raising safety awareness.  Results were generally disappointing, and rarely long-lasting to the extent safety success was achieved.

Safety Pays is much more ‘motivational system’ than it is ‘bingo game’.  Layer upon layer of loss control initiatives have been woven through the program’s design – making it not just entertaining but educationally interactive.

Since 1991, Safety Pays has provided its unique incentive approach to nearly 10,000 client companies nationwide.  Yes, a bingo game formula remains at the heart of what we do.  But in a way that’s been proven as what one of the most cost-effective motivational approaches available.

And now fully OSHA compliant!