Public/Government Entities Using Safety Pays!

On Monday, October 15th, 2018

Beginning in 1992, Safety Pays published a Customer Newsletter each calendar quarter which included a list of our latest customers.  Its primary purpose, though, was to update Safety Pays users with the new upgrade ideas, OSHA compliance safety incentive changes as well as techniques to make the safety incentive program we provide as effective as possible.

When the new website was created in 2017 – including the Safety Pays Support Tools section — our Customer Newsletter was discontinued, including the opportunity to welcome our newest clients.

Although the list is far too long for this Blog, we will take the opportunity from time to time to identify certain companies that represent the unique diversification of workplace environments in which Safety Pays is now being utilized.

Of particular note is the interest we’ve received from the public sector, especially municipalities.  At a time when safety incentive OSHA compliance is more important than ever, Safety Pays provides the assurance such governmental authorities require.

As a result, these three Water & Power entities have recently implemented Safety Pays:

  • Lansing Board Of Water & Light – Lansing Michigan
  • Roosevelt Water Conservation DistrictGilbert Arizona
  • Genessee County Division of Water & Waste – Flint Michigan:

As mentioned in an earlier 2018 Blog post, we’ve also added military installations to our list of Safety Pays users, including the Naval Installation in Gulfport MS as well as Ft.  Bliss in Texas.

For a more comprehensive representation of Safety Pays customer base, feel free to peruse the dozens of letters and emails in the CLIENTS SAY section of this website.

For over 25 years, Safety Pays has helped thousands of companies throughout the US achieving astounding loss control results.   That includes city, state and federal authorities placing their trust in our time-test approach to safety incentives.