Program Material Costs

The cost of implementing Safety Pays is directly related to both the number of employees who will be participating as well as how those workers are configured.

HOW MANY EMPLOYEES? A Safety Pays program is designed for 50 employees but can accommodate twice that. For companies with more than 100 employees, we usually divide the workforce into separate program groups based on the employees’ location, shift and/or department. Sometimes, smaller departments are combined into one program while at other times, extremely large departments are split up and each section is grouped alphabetically or by job description.

Keep in mind that the program’s strategy is to target a specific group of employees who have either a working interaction together or the same job identification.

When too many employees are placed on one program, not only are the incentive rewards diluted but some of the motivational impact is lost. An individual worker is lost among the masses with no real sense of empowerment to bring his or her influence over group success.

Safety Pays attempts to create a sense of responsibility to one another as team mates in the game.   Too many workers on one game can easily detract from this goal.  Therefore, it is generally our recommendation never to exceed more than 50-100 employees in a given game system.  Although this is not a hard and fast rule, we always want to maintain the motivational power of the incentives Safety Pays is designed to provide.

As provided on the website’s Program Cost page, Safety Pays program pricing is simple:

Buy one (1) Safety Pays program: $795*

Buy two (2) or more Safety Pays programs: $595* each

*Buy direct from our on-line store for special reduced internet pricing (as low as $495 each)!

This program pricing includes all of the elements of the Safety Pays system along with unlimited customer support thereafter.

SPECIAL NOTE: For businesses that include a remote site they wish to tie-in to a larger group, we provide a special Supplementary Package with all necessary program materials for a reduced price of $395.

Businesses with less than 25 employees are entitled to a small business discount on the purchase of a single game.  For large companies, ask about our special wholesale pricing discounts. .   Call 800-942-1022 for details

All program materials needed to run the program for a full year are included. Annual resupply costs are projected at $75 per year. In addition, Safety Pays program pricing includes any and all customer service requirements to assist with installation.

The only variable in terms of required materials is quantity of bingo game cards and bonus cards that accompany the program materials. More bingo cards are required with larger numbers of workers placed on a single game.

View our online store for more information on costs of additional bingo cards as well as other resupply needs.

Once the program has been implemented, Safety Pays continues to provide unlimited service support via its toll-free customer help-line as well as via our on-line customer service center.


Safety Pays offers all employee components fully translated into Spanish, in commensurate quantities to the English version for an upgrade price of $195 per program system ($150 each for multiple program purchases).