Program Costs

 The cost of the Safety Pays program comes in two parts:



Single Program Price: $795
Multiple Program Price: $595 each



The cost of purchasing a Safety Pays game is a one-time charge with no annual renewals charges, licensing fees or further consulting charges.

Annual re-supply costs for various program materials such as game cards, mini-posters, etc. are projected at approximately $60-$75 each year.

The cost of the program itself includes *all required program materials as well as any and all customer service requirements to assist with installation. (*Additional bingo cards may be needed for larger employee headcounts applied to a single game system.)

Once the program has been implemented, Safety Pays continues to provide unlimited service support via its toll-free customer help-line.  Our website provides Orientation Videos, periodic Tips & Suggestions, as well as upgrade ideas – all free-of-charge.