Program Costs


The cost of the Safety Pays program comes in two parts:

  • Program cost of the Safety Pays program materials; and
  • Incentive dollar reward costs of jackpot pay-outs to the employees


The cost of purchasing a Safety Pays game is a one-time charge with no annual renewals charges, licensing fees or further consulting charges.

Annual re-supply costs for various program materials such as game cards, mini-posters, etc. are projected at approximately $60-$75 each year. This number will vary based on the number of workers participating in a single game (thus more replacement bingo cards required).

The cost of the program itself includes all required program materials as well as any and all customer service requirements to assist with installation.

Once the program has been implemented, Safety Pays continues to provide unlimited service support via its toll-free customer help-line.  Via this website, we also provide Orientation Videos, periodic Tips & Suggestions, as well as upgrade ideas – all free-of-charge.

The amount a company will spend on incentive reward costs is based on its success in achieving a zero-tolerance culture when it comes to workplace safety. The longer the workforce goes without safety infractions, the higher the jackpot rewards available to the workforce (until the jackpot “cap” is reached).

Virtually every client company which has utilized Safety Pays has seen no less than a 20 to 1 return-on-investment in terms of incentive dollars paid versus the savings realized from accident prevention — not to mention the many intangible workplace values derived.

Contact the Safety Pays customer service department to prepare an incentive rewards costs projection for your company’s specific budgetary needs.