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Safety Pays Program Costs

 The cost of the Safety Pays program comes in two parts:



Single Program Price: $795
Multiple Program Price: $595 each



The cost of purchasing a Safety Pays game is a one-time charge with no annual renewals charges, licensing fees or further consulting charges.

Annual re-supply costs for various program materials such as game cards, mini-posters, etc. are projected at approximately $60-$75 each year.

The cost of the program itself includes *all required program materials as well as any and all customer service requirements to assist with installation. (*Additional bingo cards may be needed for larger employee headcounts applied to a single game system.)

Once the program has been implemented, Safety Pays continues to provide unlimited service support via its toll-free customer help-line.  Our website provides Orientation Videos, periodic Tips & Suggestions, as well as upgrade ideas – all free-of-charge.


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A problem common to most companies is how to improve the relationship between the supervisory staff and the workers for whom they’re responsible. This is exacerbated by the knowledge that the fate of one’s job is, to a large extent, determined by how a supervisor or manager sees us.

Add to that the fact that most on-going interactions between a supervisor and his or her employee are directive in nature. ‘Do it this way. Do it that way. Just do it the way I tell you to!’ Whether that’s the actual substance or tone of what’s said, that’s all too often the way it’s heard.

One of the primary goals of any management team, therefore, is to encourage the workforce through positive reinforcement. It’s crucial that every member of your team feel valued, appreciated, respected, and most importantly, tangibly recognized for his or her efforts.

How can this be accomplished? What tools can one use to reinforce these worthy goals? Clearly, competitive compensation and bonuses for those contributing to company success is fundamental to achieving this purpose. Often, though, what makes the biggest difference are the little things; the occasional “Attaboy!” or ‘Thanks!’ whenever an employee is observed making an extra effort.

Safety Pays is therefore offering an Upgrade Suggestion that’s sure to succeed in building those important bridges. Its design is specifically focused on helping your managers and supervisors become more responsive leaders. How? By motivating them!

Because the Safety Pays program primarily targets the rank & file workers, usually the manager/supervisors are not included in the bingo game. The problem is that when the supervisory staff is left out, they may not place as much focus on needed loss control oversight. We offer several existing strategies to tie the supervisors into the game, the “Jackpot Level” method.

Essentially, every time the Safety Pays jackpot hits a new fifty dollar threshold, the supervisory staff receives whatever’s in the jackpot, split equally among the managers if it’s just 2 or 3. If there are more, then provide a flat bonus amount like $50 to each member of supervisory staff. However, there are unlimited additional techniques to get these leaders further invested in the elevating their staff members; methods by which you can directly integrate them into the existing Safety Pays program’s rewards.

This Upgrade Suggestion further expands supervisor motivation by requiring your supervisors to meet a weekly “qualifier” in order to be eligible for their share of a supervisor incentive pool (or $50 each), whenever a jackpot dollar threshold is met.

In order to receive the supervisor bonus, each supervisor must make a weekly proactive contribution by handing out a Bonus Card to a worker observed going above and beyond the call.

The formula is simple:

Every week, each supervisor must turn in to the Safety Pays Program Administrator no less than one (1) written reason for a Bonus Card handed out to one of his/her staff members for any kind of observable achievement. If a supervisor fails to meet this weekly requirement, he or she is eliminated from the next supervisor safety bonus.

Moreover, for those companies wanting to strengthen this new motivational component, whenever 2 or more supervisors failed to meet this new weekly Bonus Card criteria, the supervisor safety bonus due when the next Jackpot $50 threshold is achieved will not be paid.

Record keeping is no more difficult than using the Employee Suggestion Log fillable PDF form we provide in the Customer Support section of our website. You’re simply expanding employee suggestions to any positive employee contributions.

Naturally then, individual employee achievement includes makings any suggestions whether safety related or not. It includes helping to reduce costly mistakes, or improving efficiencies. Any time one worker is seen assisting another without being asked would certainly be worth of handing out a Bonus Card. Assuring on-time performance, promoting good internal housekeeping… the list is endless.

RECOMMENDED: In order to give the Bonus Card some extra punch, assign a value to it ($25, $50, $100) that can be won by the employee if he/she wins the game with that Bonus Card. Want to add some extra supervisor motivation? If the employee wins the game and receives that special Bonus Card value – the supervisor who recognized that employee receives a matching dollar amount. For extra mileage, many companies take a photo of supervisor and employee together and post it on the employee bulletin board or in the employee newsletter.

Linking employee Bonus Card awards to supervisor bonuses can’t help but to improve manager/employee relations. There is nothing more valuable than the positive reinforcement one receives from his or her superior.

Through such recognition, not only are those receiving Bonus Cards motivated to try even harder, other co-workers quickly see that making that extra effort translates to there being something in it for them. Individual effort thereafter catches fire throughout your company with each Bonus Card handed out.

At Safety Pays, we’ve given this Upgrade Suggestion a motto for all supervisors to follow: ‘Catch ‘em in the act of doing something good!’ Doing so will help employee morale sky rocket thanks to how much of a “win-win” this Bonus Card strategy creates for everyone.



Adding Performance Incentives
Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Grand Prize Game Round
Individual Safety Achievement
More Winners Per Game Round
Safety “Prize” Bingo


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With the success Safety Pays customers have experienced using our incentive formula to enhance workplace safety, many thereafter request assistance with the integration of performance incentives into the game.

Designing safety incentives is rather straight forward since every company’s goal is the same: the elimination of safety infractions that can result in accidents. The difficulty in setting up incentives to address performance goals is that each company’s needs are different.

Nevertheless, we have succeeded in designing an approach that can be easily utilized by any of our client companies. We refer to this incentive strategy as “Performance Qualifiers”, a set of job standards each participant must meet whenever at work. As you’ll see, it’s a Safety Pays value-added that requires no further cost to you – either in terms of additional materials required or more importantly, added incentive dollars costs as is the case with an Upgrade Suggestion such as More Winners Per Game Round.

It’s just this simple: List a series of performance standards that all the employees participating in a given program must individually meet each day. If an employee fails to meet any of these performance standards, he/she is eliminated from that current game round. What follows is a sample list we often see our clients include:

  • No unexcused absences
  • Assigned work completed on-time
  • Not late for work more than once per game round
  • Work area kept clean
  • Paperwork properly completed

In addition, a manufacturer might add the following performance standards to their Safety Pays program:

  • Equipment properly maintained
  • Avoiding unnecessary material waste

A service company such as a restaurant, retail store, or any company directly interfacing with the general public might include:

  • No legitimate customer complaints
  • Always wear a clean uniform and be properly groomed
  • Service provided in a timely and friendly manner

Those customers who have fleets or a large number of company vehicles could possibly include:

  • Vehicles always kept locked and clean
  • Key returned to proper location
  • Always park company vehicles in designated areas

Taking this approach allows any company to define a specific set of performance standards to incorporate at the beginning of a new Safety Pays game round. Moreover, to increase the motivational power of these performance incentives, we recommend including some sort of rewards mechanism. Here are some suggested sweeteners:

•  Any employee who succeeds at meeting all the performance standards for 3 consecutive games will be awarded a $50 bonus card for use in the subsequent game round. Win with the bonus card and receive $50 in addition to the jackpot amount. Go a year in meeting all the standards, and receive a $100 bonus card!

•  Whenever, all of the employees on an assigned Safety Pays game have successfully met their performance standards during a game round, the jackpot will be increased by an additional $100 for the subsequent game round (only).

Part of the goal of this Upgrade Suggestion is to help new Safety Pays customers recognize that our employee motivation formula has applications far beyond the elimination of workplace safety infractions. In point of fact, Safety Pays is designed to be an incentive vehicle for any & all Human Resource needs.



Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Grand Prize Game Round
Individual Safety Achievement
More Winners Per Game Round
Motivating Supervisors
Safety “Prize” Bingo


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As all of our customers know, Safety Pays is designed to encourage employees to make workplace safety a priority, not only for themselves, but for those they work with. Thus, the fundamental design of the game is based on providing on-going rewards to a specific group of employees who are together successfully keeping their workplace safety infraction free.

But, equally important, is providing opportunities for individual employee recognition. That’s why the Bonus Card dimension of Safety Pays plays such a vital role. It’s crucial that there be some mechanism in place which specifically rewards individual workers for their efforts and contributions.

This is especially important over the long haul to help sustain the safety awareness success a company has previously achieved through Safety Pays utilization. This Upgrade Suggestion provides for a special Bonus Card to those workers who have expressed a commitment to personal safety through remaining safety infraction free for an extended period of time.

Here are the basics:

  • Each employee who has gone a full year without having committed a safety infraction automatically receives a bonus card worth $25 at the beginning of each new game round. If that employee wins the game with the special Bonus Card, he/she receives the Jackpot PLUS a $25 bonus.
  • That same Bonus Card will be worth an extra $25 for each additional consecutive year he/she has gone without committing a safety infraction. We recommend capping the maximum bonus card value at $250 (10 years without a safety infraction).
  • These Individual Safety Recognition Bonus Cards are based either on an employee’s anniversary date if remaining safety infraction free since the date of hire, OR as of the anniversary date of an employee’s last recorded safety infraction.
  • Such Bonus Cards (with accompanying increased bonus values) are only awarded at the beginning of a game round. If an employee passed his/her anniversary date while a game round is being played, they will become eligible for the next level of bonuses only at the beginning of the next game round.

This “Individual Incentive Reward” is recommended not only because it provides reward recognition for personal safety achievement, but in a way that motivates co-workers to strive for similar recognition.

Success breeds success.



Adding Performance Incentives
Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Grand Prize Game Round
More Winners Per Game Round
Motivating Supervisors
Safety “Prize” Bingo


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Safety Pays was originally designed utilizing cash as the primary employee incentive reward. After all, Cash is King when it comes to motivating people. However, sometimes the utilization of cash isn’t possible due to a company’s corporate policy. Other entities such as government agencies are unable to use dollars as a reward to a regulatory prohibition. Therefore, we’ve provided an alternative prize approach on a case by case basis whenever the need arises.

Recently it occurred to us, ‘Why not offer this same option to our existing customers?’ We have client companies reaching back as far as the early 1990’s still utilizing Safety Pays. Many have fully utilized our menu of Upgrade options and are hungry for a new way to get their workforce’s attention. We’re therefore pleased to include Safety Prize Bingo as a new way to heighten employee interest.

Essentially, the game is played exactly the way you’re using the program right now. The difference is in how the jackpot “dollars” are treated when it comes time to rewarding each game round’s winner. Instead of dollars, the Jackpot is now filled with ‘safety bucks’ – points redeemable from a Prize Catalog of your choosing.

Sometimes, the prizes are gift cards redeemable at the company store and/or cafeteria. Others actually keep samples of the prizes on site to be carried away by a winning employee when the Safety Buck prize level is reached. Regardless of approach, when an individual wins a Safety Pays game round, he/she has the opportunity to choose any of the prizes which are available on that particular prize level – based on whatever prize source you use.

Moreover, this new “prize” approach allows the winners to either take the award immediately or save the safety jackpot dollars to combine with future winnings. Some companies even allow winning employees to combine the safety bucks they’ve won to be redeemed for a higher prize level they can thereafter share together.

The point of this Upgrade Suggestion is to provide the bait to keep the fish on the hook of daily workplace safety awareness. If we can assist with recommendations for prize strategies, just contact us through our Customer Support helpline and we’ll be back in touch with any number of recommendations that will fill your specific needs.



Adding Performance Incentives
Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Grand Prize Game Round
Individual Safety Achievement
More Winners Per Game Round
Motivating Supervisors
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One of the things we often hear from Safety Pays users is a desire to increase the number of winners during each game round. Although we’ve offered several alternative strategies in the past, the one provided in this Upgrade Suggestion has proven extremely successful and is by far the preferred approach.

This strategy provides for as many as ten (10) winners per game while simultaneously doubling the length of the game round, thereby helping to keep your company’s annual incentive dollar budget in check.

As explained throughout the website’s video presentations, a standard Safety Pays game round lasts until the first participant hits “Bingo”; that is, five numbers in a row, whether horizontal, vertically or diagonally. When that winning bingo card has been verified, a new game round begins.

Increasing the number of winners per game round can dramatically impact a workforce’s enthusiasm and commitment to safety in the workplace. The following steps are how to implement this Safety Pays upgrade:

1.  Every game round will be played in exactly the same way as before. Each employee is provided a blue bingo Game Card – applicable for that game only. Bonus bingo cards will also be handed out to those employees who have individually earned them.

2.  As in the past, the starting Jackpot for a new game round is the same amount which was won in the previous game. Once a jackpot reaches its predesignated cap (maximum), it remains at that amount unless a safety infraction results in a Safety Violation, reducing the jackpot.

SPECIAL NOTE: Feel free to announce for this special game round that the Jackpot is being reset to a different amount. Sometimes a company will raise it to the maximum (eg. $250) for just that game round before returning to the last winning jackpot to continue regular Safety Pays game rounds.

3.  For most of our customer’s Safety Pays games, the daily jackpot dollar increase will remain the standard increase of $1 per day. Other clients will apply their customized daily draw dollar increase. Moreover, the daily draw continues to be one bingo ball pulled per day, as the game is designed.  (Just keep in mind, that if the Jackpot is at its maximum value, it will not increase further.   The Jackpot value remains the same throughout the game – subject to safety infraction reductions, if applicable.)

4.  MULTIPLE WINNERS: Instead of the game ending when the first employee hits Bingo – taking away the entire Jackpot, this specialized approach requires the game to continue. When one of these types of Bingos produces a winner, other ways to win remain; most requiring additional bingo draws to attain them. The harder the Bingo is to attain, the greater the Jackpot value payout a given winner receives:

Vertical Bingo (5 numbers in a row): 10% Jackpot Value
Horizontal Bingo (” ” ” ” ” ): 10% Jackpot Value
Diagonal Bingo ( ” ” ” ” ” ): 10% Jackpot Value
Four Corners (4 corner numbers): 10% Jackpot Value
Cross (middle horizontal & vertical rows): 25% Jackpot Value
T Bingo (top horizontal/middle vertical row):  25% Jackpot Value
X Bingo (2 Diagonal rows): 25% Jackpot Value
Vertical Stripes (1st, 3rd & Fifth Rows): 50% Jackpot Value
Horizontal Stripes (1st, 3rd & Fifth Rows): 50% Jackpot value
Square (all perimeters numbers): 50% Jackpot Value
Coverall Bingo (All numbers blacked-out): 100% Jackpot Value


Keep in mind, there’s nothing that says you have to utilize all of these various bingo possibilities.  However, our experience is that it provides a much broader set of awards parameters to strengthen employee enthusiasm and interest.   The only genuine concern you need to consider is that your budget parameters allow for these expanded safety incentive rewards.

There are other approaches that can be taken to increase the number of winners each game round, so if you’d like further information, touch base with us via our Customer Support helpline.



Adding Performance Incentives
Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Grand Prize Game Round
Individual Safety Achievement
Motivating Supervisors
Safety “Prize” Bingo
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Once a Safety Pays user has discovered the motivational effectiveness of Safety Pays through the reduction/elimination of workplace safety infractions, they’re eager to target other workforce concerns. Absenteeism and tardiness is always at the top of the list.

It’s easy to see why given the organizational burden attendance problems inevitably create, the least of which is lost productivity and efficiency given all hands are not on deck. Equally important is the detrimental impact employees showing up late (or not at all) can have on morale.

Let’s not forget the safety ramifications. Whenever someone is late or absent, an added pressure is placed upon that employee’s coworkers to pick-up the slack – increasing the possibility of an accident or injury due to the need to move faster.

Addressing attendance issues is therefore of critical importance to many companies. There’s any number of methods you can use to easily integrate absenteeism & tardiness as an integral component of the program:

Individual Method: The “individual” approach provides a potential bonus reward for those individual employees who have maintained a perfect on-time record during either the preceding game round, or during the 30 day period prior to the start of a new game. Essentially, this bonus is made available to the employee in the form of an extra game-card worth an additional dollar amount. (eg. $50) As always, the employee must win the game with the Bonus Card received in order to actual win this $50 Attendance reward.

Additional cards are awarded to those employees who have gone for extended periods with perfect attendance (ie. A card for every additional month of 100% attendance up to a total of 3 cards). This provides those employees with the best attendance not only more chances to win the game’s jackpot itself but extra dollars as thanks for their effort in this regard. Another way to handle this is rather than hand-out additional Bonus Cards, instead raise the value of the Bonus Card for extended perfect attendance.

Group Method: Where attendance is a genuine problem some companies run a separate game targeting not only absenteeism and tardiness but other performance issues. We provide such customers an entirely different Master Game Board entitled ‘Performance Pays’ and assist with creation of performance oriented rules using the Safety Pays motivational formula. Meet those performance goals and you’re a part of this special game. But if you fail to meet a performance standard on any given day, you’re eliminated from the current game round. This approach instills a sense of group pride for those employees who month after month demonstrate not only safety awareness, but a commitment to meeting all of the Company’s established standards of conduct. Call 800-942-1022 or email CUSTOMER SUPPORT for further information.

Penalty Method: While the 2 methods previously discussed are rewarding in nature, some companies have opted to use consequences as a motivational technique to discourage absenteeism and tardiness. To do this, a notice is printed on company letterhead and placed in the program’s Display Frame at the beginning of a new game. This notice clearly states that either an unexcused absence or 2 tardies during the course of any game will result in game round disqualification.

One proviso in taking this approach though: Don’t be too rigid in applying such a consequence. Instead, allow employees an unstated grace period of 5 minutes before marking them “late” for a given workday. This approach is most effective when linked to one of the other methods suggested above.

Although these are the most common techniques program users have taken advantage of to reduce/eliminate absenteeism & tardiness, there are any number of other approaches we can suggest via our CUSTOMER SUPPORT helpline. What’s most important in the creation of additional incentive goals is that they precisely target the behavior modification desired in a way that is both easily understood as well as rewarding and fun.



Adding Performance Incentives
Grand Prize Game Round
Individual Safety Achievement
More Winners Per Game Round
Motivating Supervisors
Safety “Prize” Bingo
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Often our customers want to use Safety Pays to take advantage of the goodwill the program generates among their workers. This applies most often whenever there is an annual picnic or event where all a company’s employees are able to come together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Other companies want to do something special around Christmas in order to capitalize on all of the accomplishments made during the year. Taking advantage of the holidays to celebrate workforce achievement provides a wonderful motivational push for the New Year ahead.

That’s why so many long-term Safety Pays users have incorporated a year-end Grand Prize Game Round into their Safety Pays programs. The way most approach this is in one of two ways:

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: This technique is most effective when casting a wide net highlighting a specific accomplishment.

  • Decide what the specific workforce accomplishment is that management wants to highlight. Let’s say it’s thanking all of the Company employees who were 100% safety compliant over the course of the year (no safety infractions committed). Obviously, if the reward were strictly one ‘grand’ prize, the bingo winner takes all. However, we recommend instead pursuing this alternant rewards strategy:
  • Refer to the Safety Pays Upgrade Suggestion: More Winners Per Game Round. That approach allows for a series of winners in a given game round.  New winners are based on possessing a bingo card with progressively more numbers that are covered in a variety of configurations.  For example, the first winner is a straight bingo, the second is hitting all 4 corners, the third goes to the first bingo card covered as an X, the 4th occurs when all the perimeter numbers of the card have been drawn. Each prize awarded is progressively grander until a bingo card has been entirely blacked-out resulting in the game’s final Grand Prize.

TEAM APPROACH: This approach works best when the atmosphere is festive (eg. company picnic) and there’s a sense of communal participation.

  • Taking the example from above, divide those participating workers into teams. Sometimes it’s by department, sometimes by shift, sometimes by location. Even boys versus girls!  Utilize whatever team approach works best for your company’s demographics. Once again, as in the example provided above, those teams are made up of only those members of the workforce who were 100% safety compliant over the course of the year (no safety infractions committed).
  • Each member of the team receives a bingo card. When an employee from a given team wins, they receive a group prize such as a scheduled pizza party in the future, company jackets, or even small denomination gift cards.
  • Naturally, the ‘More Winners Per Game Round’ Upgrade formula can be utilized here. The entire idea is that in a group setting each team member gets to play not just his or her bingo card but receives a reward if any other employee on his/her team wins. It’s a terrific way to build group comradery and a sense of communal success.

These are just two basic approaches but there are countless ways to take advantage of Safety Pays as a rewards mechanism for special achievement through a Grand Prize or year-end game round. Touch based through our CUSTOMER SUPPORT Helpline for further information.



Adding Performance Incentives
Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Individual Safety Achievement
More Winners Per Game Round
Motivating Supervisors
Safety “Prize” Bingo


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Program Components

In order to learn more about the component parts that comprise the Safety Pays program, each game piece is featured below with a brief explanation as to the role it plays within our system.

In order to learn more about how these program components are integrated together, click to What’s Included under the Program Costs section of this website.

SPECIAL NOTE:   All of the administrative tools listed are also available as a fillable PDF document via our Customer Support section (via Login).   Also found there, are any number of game upgrade suggestions to bring added motivational uses to a company’s Safety Pays program

Master Game Board
Placed in a permanent location in the workplace, the Master Game Board communicates daily updates for all current incentive game information including jackpot increases, the day’s number pick, as well as those employees eligible to win individual safety bonus dollars. Each of the two sizes of Master Game Boards offered is identical in every way except for their respective dimensions.

Display Frame
Specially designed to match the Master Game Board wall hardware, the Display Frame is utilized for program updates during each game-round including Winner’s Circle recognition, Safety Advisories as well as upgrades and game rules changes. Designed to accommodate a letterhead sized sheet (8 ½” x 11″) sheet, the Display Frame makes virtually any document contained therein a part of the game itself!

Bingo “Game” Cards (Blue)
Each company employee receives a BLUE regulation bingo game card for use during a given game round. These bingo cards are distributed at the beginning of each game round and are available to all eligible players assigned to a given Safety Pays program application. Each such card is individually identified with its own ID # in the center “Free Space” to assist with record-keeping and help keep employee participants honest as to the successive cards being played throughout the year!

Bingo “Bonus” Cards (Red)
“Bonus” bingo cards are differentiated by their RED color. This extra bingo card provides enormous flexibility allowing a company to garner individual employee attention as well as enhancing workforce cooperation. Employees who contribute suggestions during the game receive red bonus cards for additional opportunities to win jackpot and bonus dollars. Safety Pays also provides numerous other Bonus Card uses predicated on the needs of a given company including attendance, recognition for long-term personal safety records, going “above & beyond the call of duty”, etc.

components bingo balls for safety game

Bingo Balls

Hand-sorted for accuracy, each set contains 75 bingo balls, color-coded for each letter of B-I-N-G-O. Each ball is imprinted with both the corresponding letter and number. Their acrylic composition assures durability, usually for the life of the program.


Bingo Draw Bag

This large canvas draw bag is utilized to store unused bingo balls for future draws. Normally, an employee reaches inside this Draw Bag and pulls out one Bingo Ball which provides the specific Bingo letter and number which becomes the “daily draw”. Made of a durable canvas material, this bag features draw strings to tie off when not in use.

Game Board Marker
All dry erase markers are not created equally! Safety Pays includes a specially designed dry-erase marker which provides a unique ink which is easily erased from the Master Game Board’s plexiglass surface. This marker is used to update the Master Game Board with each day’s updated Bingo Ball number draw as well as increase in that game’s jackpot amount and bonus play information.


Program Binder
Designed for administrative ease, the Program Binder not only contains all necessary record-keeping documentation, but provides ready-access to those program components used most often. This includes employee suggestion forms, winner’s circle posters, safety advisories, safety violations, etc. There’s even a specialized “used” bingo ball receptacle inside to place the bingo balls which have been drawn until a give game-round ends.


Administrative Guidelines
This step-by-step comprehensive set of instructions both explains the Safety Pays Program in detail as well as providing your company’s management and supervisory staff numerous tips and suggestions for achieving maximum motivational value. Each game system also includes an Orientation DVD to help you get the program up and running as well as to show large groups of employees how the program works. (This is different from the Introductory DVD or Introductory Video we provide for viewing on this website or to learn more about how Safety Pays works.)

Rules & Regulations
A colorful mini-poster of the Safety Pays program Rules & Regulations is posted throughout the first game round in the Display Frame. Thereafter, it can be kept available for employee review on the Company’s Employee bulletin board. In addition, a set of 50 individual Rules & Regulation hand-outs are provided to pass along to each employee participant for their own reference. (Also available in Spanish)


Program Announcement
At the time the Master Game Board and Display Frame are mounted in a designated area, a Safety Pays Program Announcement is placed within the Display Frame. It’s the first “visual” a workforce is provided which broadcasts a new, fun and exciting game will soon be underway. This color poster announces both the start date for the first game round as well as any planned orientation to review the program rules with the participating employees.


Game Log & Sign-In Roster
Used at the beginning of each game round, all employee participants will sign-in on this roster in order to receive their new game cards. Each Game Sing-In Roster also certifies in both English and Spanish that each employee has not been injured on-the-job during the previous game. By signing for their new bingo card as well as certifying no injuries have occurred during a given game round, Safety Pays is able to promote individual employee honesty and accountability. The Game Sign-In Roster also keeps track of cards assigned via Card ID # to each employee for game & bonus play for each game-round.

Safety Violations
An effective safety incentive program provides both rewards and consequences. Our Safety Violation warning notices provide a much-needed “head’s up”, in writing, to an employee who is not following a Company’s safety policies or otherwise endangering himself or others through safety rule infractions. Safety Violations result in cancellation of the player’s bingo card for the balance of a current game-round. It also results in a game jackpot reduction.


Winner’s Circle Notice
Winner’s Circle mini-posters are displayed at the conclusion of each game round, ever-reminding the employees: Safety “Definitely” Pays. This component provides greater motivation and participation through employee recognition of both group and individual success. (Also available in Spanish)



Safety Advisories
It’s a proven fact that even the most highly motivated employee may still violate safety protocols without a constant flow of information to promote and maintain safety awareness. To assist with this crucial need, the Safety Pays program includes the Safety Advisory component which is utilized to flag the workers what to watch for. A Safety Advisory poster is placed in the Display Frame during each game round to assist in communicating to the workforce what they need to be mindful of in order to help one another stay safe. (Also available in Spanish)

Employee Suggestion Pads
These easy-to-use mini-forms are kept available to the employees so that they may readily jot down any safety observations, ideas, or concerns they might have. Employee suggestions result in bonus play and potential bonus dollars should that employee win with the Bonus Card they are awarded for the positive suggestions they make. (Also available in Spanish)

Employee Suggestion Logs
Rather than having to keep track of dozens of Employee Suggestion Forms, this easy-to-use administrative tool provides for a quick summary of each suggestion made, especially those worth of a Bonus card award as well as for future workplace implementation.



Game Component Upgrades

Spanish Translation Package
All of the employee components are available in Spanish allowing every Safety Pays program to be bi-lingual. The package includes individual employee Rules & Regs as well as a color Rules poster, Safety Violations notices, Employee Suggestions Forms, Program Announcement and Winner Circle mini–posters, Safety Advisory posters, along with an extra Display Frame so all of these materials can be posted in both English and Spanish). All materials are provided in the same quantities as the original English versions, included with a “Complete Safety Pays Program”.

Spanish Rules & Regulations
On a tight budget or just want to save a couple of bucks? Rather than purchasing the complete Spanish Translation Package, some companies opt to only have the Rules & Regulations translated. Each set includes a full set of 50 copies of the employee version of the Rules & Regs based on the specific Rules & Regulations design as provided in English. A color mini-poster of the translated Spanish rules is also included.

Rules & Regulations (Custom Revision)

Although the Rules & Regulations we’ve designed for Safety Pays program implementation has been time-tested for over 20 years, some companies prefer to customize their incentive game rules to their own specifications. This can either be done by the customer on Company letter head as an adjunct to the existing Rules. However, some of our client companies prefer to have such changes made utilizing our graphic designs and expertise, which are available at an additional charge. Such costs include drafting the new rules with as many revisions as are necessary to meet your satisfaction as well as type-setting and printing.

Master Log
How does Safety Pays work on behalf of a workforce which is widely distributed among many locations (construction, janitorial, etc.) or constantly on the move (fleet drivers, temp employees, etc.). Master Game Sheets act as a disposable Master Game Board whether tacked-up at a jobsite or supply closet or part of a tailgate clipboard meeting thereby providing a handy visual reference for those employees not based at a central location.

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