No Gambling Allowed On These Premises!

On Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

The question is an obvious one:   Is Safety Pays use of the game of bingo a form of gambling?   The short answer is:  ‘No, of course not.’

This safety incentive program has been made available to the public for nearly 30 years.   If there was the slightest chance it violated some governing authorities local codes or state statutes, we would most certainly have been informed of it by now.

The reason Safety Pays use of bingo does not violate such gaming laws is simple; there’s nothing being placed at risk by the participants.    Most Civil Codes define gambling as ” the wagering of money something of value (referred to as “the stakes”)… with the primary intent of winning money or material goods…”

A company’s employees are never required to pay money much less anything else in order to participate in the Safety Pays program.  Their only requirement is remaining in strict compliance with all company safety policies.  Its bingo mechanism is utilized strictly to maintain employee focus on safety in a happy, healthy and fun way.

It’s actually no different than when a Company uses a drawing in order to award employees prizes at annual events.   Is such a drawing somehow construed as conducting a ‘lottery’?    Absolutely not for the same reasons as defined earlier; the winners of such employee drawings have not been required to put anything at risk in order to win.

As is the case with a random drawing, bingo is simply a technique for prize distribution based on chance.   Fundamental fairness is inherent in what is delivered.  Furthermore, nobody ever loses as a Safety Pays participant.   Every winner is representative of the entire workforce’s success in avoiding on-the-job safety infractions.

Moreover, bingo is participatory in nature.   Every day a drawing occurs, ever day the jackpot increases, every day more and more employees see their bingo cards getting closer to becoming a winner.   That drives elevated safety awareness.

There’s a reason for using a fun game-like approach to elevate employee safety consciousness .   Employees who enjoy the effort are that much more successful in achieving great things as a team.   Bingo is a communal game.   It allows everyone to become an eventual winner.

That’s not gambling.   It’s how success in the American workplace is achieved.