Maintaining Motivation – Safety Incentives Require Updates

On Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

All too often, a company buys a safety incentive game (generic safety bingo is a great example), puts it into place – and then a year later can’t figure out why it’s not providing any results.   First, such simple safety incentive approaches usually do little in the way of genuine loss control.   Instead, they’re a one size fits all approach that provides some game pieces and a set of rules.   After that, the users are on their own.

Effective employee motivation simply won’t work that way.   It’s like feeding the employees the same meal day in and day out, thinking they’ll remain interested in the food served.    Human psychology simply doesn’t work that way.

As a result, one of the essential elements of any safety incentive approach is that it be kept fresh and dynamic.   There must, from time to time, be introduced into the equation entirely new elements to keep employee focus.   Besides, why limit the fun when Safety Pays offers so many ways to divert from its usual formula.

Having a company picnic or year-end holiday party?   Our customers are offered our Grand Prize Game Round design.    Want to run a game round with as many as 10 or more bingo winners?   We provide an entire set of instructions and budget-conscious pay-outs.    Would you like to add absenteeism and tardiness to your Safety Pays game?   Let us show you a number of options how.

Safety Pays can be found in virtually every industrial and business sector, and there’s a huge reason why:  Its versatility.   The program is designed to be adaptable to any environment not to mention any loss control need.   That certainly includes the ability to change-up how Safety Pays is played depending on a company’s given needs.

There’s a reason that Safety Pays has been the nation’s safety incentive leader for nearly 3 decades; we provide much more than just a product but the customer service support to match.   That includes a regular flow up Program Upgrades ensuring Safety Pays will live on and on –and we have customers still using Safety Pays since the early 1990’s.

Safety continues to Pay 25 years later!