Incentive Reward Costs

THE KEY TO SUCCESS: The greater the incentive dollar pay-outs, the
better a company’s safety record. 

The beauty of Safety Pays from a budgetary standpoint lay in its symmetry.  The incentive dollar jackpot rewards are automatically reduced whenever there is a failure to follow a company’s safety protocols.

Thus, Safety Pays incentive rewards are linked directly to workforce success in achieving a perfect safety record as evidenced by a strict adherence to the safety rules.

Breaking a safety rule translates to an incremental reduction in the safety incentive’s value.  Contributing to an improved safety environment results in bonus play as well as increased incentive opportunities.

A Safety Pays game features individual jackpots which pay-out certain dollar amounts approximately once a month.  Those dollar amounts vary depending upon the success the workforce has avoiding safety infractions, especially those that result in near misses or actual loss.

With Safety Pays, the extent the dollar value is increasing, the greater the motivation by the employees to continue working safely. Meanwhile, the savings realized by not just fewer losses, but increased employee morale is exponential against the dollar incentive amounts paid-out to the employees.

Generally speaking, based on a workforce of approximately 50-100 employees, the average first year incentive dollar costs range from $1000 – $2000 including bonus dollar awards.

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