Incentive Rewards: Non-Cash Alternatives

Safety Pays is not limited to a cash approach to incentive rewards.18 

Yes, the vast majority of our clients use cash for their safety incentive rewards. After all, cash is king with most employees! In a recent study conducted by Smart Workplace Practices, 80% of companies rated cash as an “extremely effective” award.

Nevertheless, many companies cannot offer cash as an employee incentive benefit of any kind.   Sometimes, it’s a matter of corporate policy or because of regulatory compliance issues in their locale.  Regardless of the reason, they just approach employee incentives exclusively using non-cash incentive awards.

Safety Pays offers an alternative program design in which POINTS are awarded rather than cash.   These points are referred to as “Safety Bucks” and can thereafter be redeemed in a variety of ways.

Most often, prize redemption is in the form of a selection from a gift catalog.  Sometimes those safety bucks purchase something as easy to provide as time-off from work.   The idea once again is to ‘bait the hook to suit the fish’ – just without the use of money.

And don’t forget there are plenty of ways to award group success via monthly safety pizza party, company caps and jackets… all of which can be tied into game play!

Safety Pays will ensure that whatever alternative rewards approach a company chooses will then be fully integrated into our incentive system.   We’re committed to providing a maximum motivational lift regardless of the actual incentive reward used.