Resupply Costs

The purchase of the Safety Pays workplace incentive program is a one-time charge with no further obligations.  However, from time-to-time, resupplies (especially additional bingo cards, etc.) will be required.

All program materials needed to run the program for a full year are included with the only variable being the number of bingo cards required.

The number of bingo cards required is based on the number of employees participating on a single program system. Obviously, the greater number of workers placed on a single game will require a larger bingo card allotment.

Safety Pays offers not only the lowest priced bingo cards on the market (based on the kind and quality of card we provide), we also provide significant discounts based on the volume of cards purchased.

In addition, all of the replacement materials (additional Winner Circle & Safety Advisory posters) are priced to keep your replacement costs minimal.

For a full menu of all of our resupply materials, including additional hardware such as Master Game Boards, replacement Bingo Balls or even Spanish translations of all of the program’s employee components, please visit our On-Line Store.