How Safety Incentives Support A Company’s Safety Program

On Monday, June 25th, 2018

With literally thousands of companies utilizing Safety Pays over the past 25+ years, we’ve encountered virtually every possible scenario as far as a company’s loss control needs. The one situation that concerns us most is when a business wants to implement safety incentives — but without first having created an effective safety program.

Safety Pays has a proven track record of motivational effectiveness for raising safety awareness. However, no matter how effective a set of safety incentives may appear, no company can sustain long-term safety awareness without the appropriate safety framework – a fully integrated safety program.

It’s that framework which articulates and supports a company’s safety policies & procedures. Further, it continually educates a company’s employees through further training, communication and safety enforcement.

Safety incentives are simply an added tool to motivate a given workforce to better adhere to the safety program in place.

An apt metaphor for the relationship between a safety incentives and a safety program is the same as exists between a car and the gas that powers it. A car has multiple components that have been carefully crafted together in order to get from here to there effectively, comfortably – and most importantly, safely.

A safety program is no different.

Plant inspections, appropriate utilization of safety equipment, continual education of best safe practices… there are dozens of elements an effective safety program requires. It is literally the delivery system that ensures any given workforce is able remain safe at all times and under any conditions.

Safety incentives are the gas that powers the car. They’re what transform a job requirement into an engaging process. Such a motivational element helps migrate an employee’s thought process from having to do something, to wanting to do it.

People simply pay better attention when there’s something in it for them while simultaneously being presented in an enjoyable way.

So a carefully designed safety incentive program is what literally powers the car up and helps it gain speed. Without that motivational gas, the car is unlikely to get very far.

HOWEVER… without the car – a fully integrated safety program – a company remains without any vehicle to utilize the energy source safety incentives are designed to provide.