How Safety Pays “Bingo” Works

Safety Pays is a fully-integrated system of rewards & recognition22 utilizing an entertaining bingo format. The game basics are as follows:

As long as all of the employees assigned to a Safety Pays game adhere to a Company’s safety rules/guidelines, individuals within that group will regularly (approximately once per month) win a progressive incentive dollar jackpot.

This jackpot will start at a base of $25 and grow by one dollar with one bingo number drawn per workday  The jackpot continues to grow so long as the workforce fully adheres to the company’s safety policies.

However, if a safety infraction occurs, the game continues but the jackpot is reduced, proportionate to the type of infraction that occurred.  

  • If it is an observed breach of safety rules, the jackpot is reduced by $2.
  • If the safety infraction results in an actual loss, the jackpot is reduced to its base of $25.  
  • If there’s a near-miss incident, the jackpot is reduced anywhere from halfway to all of the way back to its base.  

In all of these scenarios, the game continues with the jackpot rebuilding from there.  If the loss occurred with no accompanying safety infraction, the jackpot continues to grow.

Most companies normally choose to place a cap on the jackpot (eg. $150, $200, $250 — whatever is appropriate given budget parameters, company policy, etc.)

Safety Pays believes there should always be a carrot at the end of the stick in order to create greater safety awareness.   The size of that carrot is determined by only one metrics:  

Strict adherence to the all Company safety protocols.

Reward should always be commensurate with achievement.   However, safety incentives should never discourage but always encourage the desired behavior.

So, the Safety Pays approach is to consistently produce winners at the conclusion of each game round.   

That way, an employee who is diligently working to be safe and close to winning a game round, will never feel demoralized by the cancellation of the reward.   Instead, he or she knows a reward remains within their grasp; and one that continues to grow larger with each passing day.

Stopping a game – in fact, cancelling any safety incentive reward when an incident occurs is not only discouraging to those workers who are continuing to make an effort to succeed, but can also lead to injury hiding by an employee who doesn’t want to “kill the game” for everyone else because the reward is thereafter cancelled.

In addition to the game’s group incentive, opportunities for Bonus Card play — with special added dollar values — are generated.   Those employees who provide the best safety suggestions during each game round are awarded extra cards for subsequent play.  Bonus cards can also be awarded for a variety of individual behavior-based initiatives — “above and beyond the call”, perfect attendance, good housekeeping, helping others, etc.

Supporting these dollar incentives is an entertaining system of rules enforcement, winner recognition, employee accountability (to prevent fraudulent and post-termination claims) as well as effective safety communication– all in a user-friendly design to allow easy program administration.