Effective Job Screening: Choosing Motivated Workers

On Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

American businesses spend enormous amounts of time and capital on efforts to increase workplace safety and eliminate on-the-job accidents and injuries.    Investment is made in safety training, ensuring proper safety equipment, ergonomic assessments, employee safety incentive programs – all in an effort to ensure a given workplace remains safe.  What all this ignores is the quality of the employee who has been hired in the first place.

Effective job screening is an absolute pre-requisite to ensuring on-the-job safety.   Although there are a variety of legal considerations to always keep in mind — including strict adherence to federal laws such as the American Disabilities Act — there are any number of steps proper job screening requires.

To start, it’s important for employers to have a well-designed application form.   Again, laws vary from state to state about what can be asked on a job application.  It’s especially important to get the information needed as to whether he or she has the right job-related skills – such as a certain driver’s requiring a class rating.

Of course, every application should request several background references.   However, the shocking statistic is that fully 50% of references are never checked by the prospective employer!

If a company doesn’t have the resources to do such background checks, there are plenty of firms specializing in hiring checks which will provide a person’s credit, criminal, driving, and other permitted background searches.   It’s far better to pay a little now than a lot later.

Such information does not convey a person’s qualities, though.   The applicant interview process is therefore crucial to determine a person’s characteristics for honesty, punctuality and hard work.   Good interviews are able to glean this information from as much that’s not said as what is.

Hiring an employee is always the most important purchase a company makes.   Ensuring top quality translates to taking the time to ensure the employee is right for the job in every way possible.