Upgrade Suggestions

In order for a safety incentive program to be successful, it requires a constant infusion of new motivational approaches to ensure workforce focus and commitment.  Furthermore, Safety Pays recognizes that each of its client companies are solving for a variety of loss control needs unique to their given workplace.

Safety Pays, therefore, strives to continually create any number of program upgrade ideas and suggestions in order to provide a full menu of options to our customers. The list below is strictly a sampling of the many ways to ‘tweak’ a Safety Pays game to meet a company’s safety program’s specific needs.

Moreover, our Customer Service department can provide any number of motivational solutions to whatever workforce problem you are attempting to solve for. Just give us a call!

Click on a link below to download and view the upgrade suggestions:

Adding Performance Incentives
Eliminating Absenteeism and Tardiness
Grand Prize Game Round
Individual Safety Achievement
More Winners Per Game Round
Motivating Supervisors
Safety “Prize” Bingo