Program Implementation

Presumably, a new Safety Pays customer has taken the time to view the various How Safety Pays Works videos listed in the ABOUT SAFETY PAYS section of the website.  In addition, we offer 5 Program Implementation videos below to assist with easy installation once the Safety Pays game materials have arrived.

The Program Components video reviews each of the Safety Pays game pieces in order to understand its specific function as well as how it fits into the overall program design.   Thereafter, the Program Orientation video takes the viewer through the entire sequence of steps – from appointing a program supervisor to what transpires throughout the course of a Safety Pays game round.

Of special interest will be the Tips & Suggestions video.   There you will learn of any number of ways to ‘tweak’ the game to ensure maximum motivational effectiveness.   In addition, there a menu of ideas presented to help elevate workforce participation both as a group as well as individually.

Once you’ve viewed these Program Implementation videos below, we’re confident you’ll find Safety Pays installation extremely easy.   However, if you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to give us a call.   We stand ready with any needed assistance & support to ensure Safety Pays is off to a successful start from Day One!