Administrative Support

25 years ago, the Safety Pays program was strictly analog;  all of the game materials were consolidated into a program binder with manual forms to fill-out during each game round.   Thanks to so many technological advances since then, we’re pleased to now offer Safety Pays with a full complement of fillable PDF formats for program administration.

From Game Logs, to Safety Violations to logging Employee Suggestions, Safety Pays users are now free to work almost entirely hands free from either a laptop or smart phone.   In addition, we provide a blank Rules & Regulations format to allow our clients to customize Safety Pays in order to fit with either existing or new loss control measures.

From game administration to record-keeping, Safety Pays has now fully stepped into the 21st Century with these new downloadable formats.   Each is easily accessed with links below, but we’re also happy to continue to provide our ‘old school’ customers the printed forms that are included as part of every Safety Pays came.

We’re committed to ensure Safety Pays is and always will be USER FRIENDLY!

Click the links below to download the interactive PDF document: