Safety Pays Customer Tools

Welcome to the Safety Pays Customer Tools page.   If you’re brand new to Safety Pays, we encourage you to first look at the series of 5 Program Implementation Videos listed here.   You’ll see a complete description of all of the various Safety Pays Program Components as well as Orientation Video support for how the game is run most effectively.   There’s even a video with a series of Tips & Suggestions to supercharge Safety Pays for your specific workforce needs.

Although Safety Pays was originally designed in the late 1980’s based on a binder containing all game forms (all of which continues to be provided), we now offer a full slate of these same components in a digital format.   You will see a series of these fillable PDF documents listed under Administrative Support.   Simply download whatever form you need and it can be utilized either via computer or smart phone.

Finally, under our Upgrade Suggestions link, Safety Pays provides a number of the more common upgrades Safety Pays customers have chosen to utilize over the years.   However, we have a vast resource of upgrade options we can suggest based on the specific needs of a given customer.   So, be sure to give us a call if you’d like to use Safety Pays motivational power for any and all employee concerns.