Customer Service

Safety Pays Workplace Incentives is not only the best safety incentive program available, it includes the customer service to back it up!

Besides the amazing results Safety Pays can bring to a company’s safety success, what our client-companies most appreciate is the unlimited customer service we provide via our toll-free help-line or website support desk.

For those learning about Safety Pays for the first time, we suggest reviewing our homepage VIDEO INFO series.

For new customers who want to become familiar with how to implement Safety Pays at their company, please direct your attention to the Customer Log-Inthe website’s CUSTOMER SUPPORT desk. There you’ll find 5 ‘Program Implementation’ videos providing everything required to ensure a successful launch of the Safety Pays in your workplace.

Not only do we stand ready to help answer any incentive game questions that come up, Safety Pays is also your one-stop resource for a full menu of ideas on how to expand your Safety Pays incentive game to address other personnel concerns if and when they arise.

In addition, because Safety Pays stays in regular contact with its thousands of customers, we’ve developed a broad database of ideas to assist in addressing your unique employee-related concerns – above and beyond just safety! These and other value-added propriety Safety Pays upgrades are available to our customers through a private section of the website accessed through our Customer Log-In portal.

This saves our customers from having to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to motivating its workforce to meet virtually ANY management goal.  We’ve got the incentive solution!

All of this is included free-of-charge to every Safety Pays customer. In other words, when you buy Safety Pays, you not only buy the program, but the customer service to back it up.

If you would like to contact us, our toll-free number is 800-942-1022 — or send us a message using our easy contact formWe stand ready to assist your employee incentive needs in every way we can!