Clients Say

Originally, Safety Pays was developed strictly as an in-house safety incentive program for Santa Monica Seafood, a seafood processing & distribution company, based in Los Angeles.

Shortly before this program was started in the late 1980’s, the company was paying a workers’ comp premium of more than $330,000…and that was with a workforce of barely 100 employees!

Since the implementation of Safety Pays, this same company has succeeded at saving literally millions of dollars in the 30 years since Safety Pays was first introduced there — and that’s with nearly 700 employees as of the latest count!

It was so successful that within a very short time, other members of the seafood industry heard about Safety Pays, and wanted it for their workers.

This was followed by a tidal wave of calls from their insurance brokers wanting to know how Safety Pays could be utilized on behalf of their clients.

As a result of so much interest, in 1991 the Safety Pays workplace incentive program was formatted so that any company could utilize it for its specific group of employees.

A year after Safety Pays first became available, companies had begun utilizing the program in nearly every state in the U.S.

Over the years, thousands of companies nationwide have used Safety Pays – ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small “mom & pop” businesses with less than 10 workers.

Whether the client is a heavy equipment dealer, a uniform & linen supply house, a hotel/restaurant chain, or a convalescent care facility, Safety Pays has long-term experience addressing the workplace incentive requirements unique to that business or industry.

This includes clients which have as many as 4000 employees under one roof (Packard Bell at their northern California plant) to clients which have a hundred locations with only a few employees at each site (Jiffy Lube locations on the East Coast) as well as dozens of gas station/mini-mart chains.

We address situations which are as diverse as an amusement park (Six Flags, Los Angeles Zoo) to security guards who either individually or in pairs transport millions of dollars such as Loomis Fargo Armored Division.

We’ve implemented the Safety Pays program at massive construction sites(Oglethorpe Power’s Georgia Hydroelectric Dam) to small roofing crews and paint contractors. We specialize in driver safety incentives for long-haul truckers and city delivery fleets.

We’ve worked with governmental entities ranging from cities & counties to military installations and even the White House (through the GSA — General Services Administration).

How about situations where employees work all by themselves? Safety Pays has a special “field employee” edition for such businesses as janitorial services, parking lot companies or home-care nurses who go to the patient rather than the patient coming to them. We even have a specialized version of Safety Pays for temp agencies and employee leasing firms!

Anywhere there is an exposure which might result in a financial loss, the Safety Pays incentive program has successfully addressed such a problem.

With so many years of experience not to mention its vast array of client companies, Safety Pays is confident that it can help with whatever workplace concerns you may have.

But don’t take our word for it!  Browse some of our many client testimonials by industry or business sector as well as the CLIENT TESTIMONIAL video.