Safety Pays Recommendations from Industry Trade Groups and Associations

News travels fast when it comes to the kind of success Safety Pays has brought to a wide range of companies throughout the USA’s business and industrial sectors.  With verification that our safety incentive program has such positive impact reducing a given type of business’s losses, the associations and trade groups to which our client companies belong are quick to spread the word for other members to take advantage of what we have to offer:

Beer Distributor Association
“… we have experience with a program that can reduce the frequency and numbe of workers compensation claims:  Safety Pays Workplace Incentives. The program is designed to raise safety awareness and consciousness of your employees, thereby reducing claims and reducing the expense of workers compensation insurance.  Through the fifteen elements operating in the program k this tool integrates itself very well into our overall safety effort.” View Letter

Employers Association
“We have chosen and recommend the Safety Pays workplace incentive program because of its easily-applied, common sense approach to reducing the growing amount of money spent on workers’ compensation premiums and claims. The program makes safety the constant interest of every employee involved.” View Letter

Equipment Distributor Association
“…the program is designed to reduce workers’ compensation expenses through healthy peer group pressure, incentives and employee recognition to promote safety awareness. An AED distributor in Atlanta Georgia say Safety Pays has helped it reduce workers’ compensation premiums by $120,000. It requires minimal supervision and includes a bonus component for individual safety initiative…” View Letter

Insurance Agent Association
“Safety Pays is a workplace incentive designed to lower loss ratios for your larger workers’ comp insureds. This approach not only motivates individuals to think about what they do, it also creates an atmosphere that unites everyone toward a common goal — safety in the workplace.  Safety Pays is easy to administer and flexible… Your recommendations of the program to your larger clients shows them you care about more than your commissions; you care about helping them keep their costs down.” View Letter

Insurance Carrier Client Recommendation
The Safety Pays motivational approach works because it targets employee self-interest while creating an atmosphere which unites everyone toward a common goal. A sense of team and ‘esprit de corp’ grows as each person realizes that the way to preserve the ever-growing jackpot of money is to watch each other and work together to reduce the possibility of someone being hurt. The reason Safety Pays succeeds as an incentive device lies in the simplicity of its application…” View Letter

Motor Trucking Association
“We have chosen to recommend the Safety Pays Workplace incentives program because of its easily applied, common sense approach to reducing the growing amount of money being spent on workers’ compensation premiums and claims… The Safety Pays program makes safety the constant interest of every employee involved…” View Letter