Latest OSHA Memorandum: Safety Incentives Are Permitted

In a memo released last month, OSHA clarified that post-incident drug testing and safety incentive programs are not prohibited by the anti-retaliation provisions under OSHA’s electronic record keeping rule, which became effective December, 2016. OSHA’s recent memo clarified the Department’s position that 29 C.F.R. § 1904.35(b)(1)(iv) does not prohibit workplace safety incentive programs or post-incident drug testing.…View More

Safety Incentives: The Gas That Powers A Company’s Safety Program

After OSHA issued new regulatory compliance standards in late 2016, many companies chose to stop using safety incentives altogether.    Uncertainty breeds fear and no one wants to invite unnecessary problems when it comes to ensuring all federal safety standards are met. However, OSHA has been quite clear that safety incentive programs remain not only permissible,…View More

Public/Government Entities Using Safety Pays!

Beginning in 1992, Safety Pays published a Customer Newsletter each calendar quarter which included a list of our latest customers.  Its primary purpose, though, was to update Safety Pays users with the new upgrade ideas, OSHA compliance safety incentive changes as well as techniques to make the safety incentive program we provide as effective as…View More

Safety Pays In The Los Angeles Times: 25 Years Later

The story of Safety Pays began in the late 1980’s when a former music producer who’d migrated into the business world decided to find an entertaining way to encourage his employees to work more safely.   When news of his company’s loss control success spread, other companies in their trade association began asking how they could…View More

Safety Incentive Recipe: Take A Card! Earn A Card!

For those seeing Safety Pays for the first time, one of the obvious questions is, ‘Why are there two different colors of bingo cards used?’   The answer is simple:   Our blue bingo cards are used as each employee’s regular ‘Game Card’, with new blue cards distributed at the beginning of each game round.   If an…View More

Safety Incentive Motivation = Heightened Employee Safety Education

Why does employee motivation matter?   Because once a worker moves from being forced to do something to instead wanting to do it, they become teachable. Safety is a dry subject.   Everyone thinks they walk through life mindful of safety – including cigarette smokers or people who refuse to wear a seatbelt while driving. The question…View More