Maintaining Motivation – Safety Incentives Require Updates

All too often, a company buys a safety incentive game (generic safety bingo is a great example), puts it into place – and then a year later can’t figure out why it’s not providing any results.   First, such simple safety incentive approaches usually do little in the way of genuine loss control.   Instead, they’re a…View More

Effective Job Screening: Choosing Motivated Workers

American businesses spend enormous amounts of time and capital on efforts to increase workplace safety and eliminate on-the-job accidents and injuries.    Investment is made in safety training, ensuring proper safety equipment, ergonomic assessments, employee safety incentive programs – all in an effort to ensure a given workplace remains safe.  What all this ignores is the…View More

Emergency Action Plans: Motivate Everyone To Be Ready!

Most companies have learned the necessity of having a fully integrated safety program.  The range of subjects covers safety training, inspections, hazardous material handling, accident investigations, required safety equipment – the list goes on.  What safety programs are all too often missing is an Emergency Action Plan. An Emergency Action Plan addresses all potential emergencies…View More

Safety & Cleanliness: You can’t have one without the other!

It’s more than just unpleasant, it’s downright dangerous.   Poor housekeeping in the workplace can lead to a whole host of problems and yet many supervisors write it off as a job for the sanitation department or outside janitorial service.  A safe workplace demands that there are some day-to-day clean-ups that must be everyone’s responsibility. For…View More

Safety Incentives Temper Workplace Violence

For those of us committed to helping companies increase employee safety awareness, one of the most alarming new statistics is that workplace homicides represent nearly 10% of all workplace deaths in the US – a recent 20% year over year increase.   Moreover, there are over 2 million incidents of workplace violence each year. While the…View More

Accident Investigations: Safety’s Best Teaching Mechanism

Every company has the same goal:  zero accidents.   However, for most, it remains strictly a goal since even under the best of circumstances with all safeguards in place, accident can occur.  What’s crucial from the standpoint of turning a liability into an asset is a careful analysis of what took place in order for everyone…View More