Safety Pays Customers – From Across The Business Spectrum

Back in 1991 when Safety Pays first became available to US companies, our primary customers were businesses like Santa Monica Seafood – the company where the program was developed.   It had an internal production/warehouse staff, outside delivery drivers as well as retail store and café employees. As time went on, we were startled by the…View More

What’s The Best Incentive: Prizes or Cash?

One of the age old debates in the safety incentive business is:  What is the most effective safety incentive reward?   Cash or prizes? Interestingly, those who promote prizes as the best incentive approach are also the ones who most benefit; safety incentive prize vendors.   That’s simply because their entire business model is built on the…View More

Safety Bingo Games Are NOT Alike!

Over the decades, we’ve seen any number of imitators — especially after the advent of the Internet in the 1990’s.  Suddenly every Tom, Dick & Harry was heralding their version of safety bingo as though it offered the same proven effectiveness as Safety Pays. Nothing could be further from the truth.   All one needs to…View More

Safety Pays Joins The Navy!

Actually, the Safety Pays program has been utilized in virtually every branch of the United States military — usually on behalf of its civilian workforce.   From weapons depots to logistics warehouses, Safety Pays has always been ready to enlist and serve! Past military Safety Pays users include Ft. Bliss Army Base in El Paso, Ft.…View More

How Effective Safety Incentives Keep A Company’s Workforce Engaged

When Safety Pays was created in the late 1980’s, part of what made its safety incentive formula so unique was due to it being the brainchild of a former television writer. After departing the entertainment business, he stepped into a Los Angeles based seafood distribution company that was struggling with its losses. For the better…View More

The Safety Pays Challenge

Are you in the market for a safety incentive program? If the lowest price is your guide, there are plenty of safety incentive games to choose from, many at a lower price point than Safety Pays.   However, you’ll quickly discover a ‘game’ is all you’ll be receiving. That was the last thing on the mind…View More