Safety Pays Can Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread

At no time in the past 80 years has American business been faced with such daunting loss control challenges.   For all a company may have done to protect against worker injury and/or property loss, few were prepared for the impact of Covid-19.   Now, even as the virus continues, businesses are beginning to reopen.   It is,…View More

Safety Incentives Address Absenteeism & Tardiness

What manager doesn’t face this with regularity:  either an employee is absent without providing notice or someone is habitually showing-up late for work. It’s a headache to be sure.    But poor attendance is not just a personnel and cost issue.    The elimination of absenteeism and tardiness is, therefore, key to ensuring zero a perfect company…View More

Safety Pays in The New York Times: Many Years Later

Over the years, Safety Pays has received all kinds of terrific press.    Last year, we blogged about how a 1993 article in the Los Angeles Times that vaulted our profile forward to the Southern California business community.   Although California based, Safety Pays eventually found its way into all 50 US states  — and eventually, the…View More

Expanding Safety Awareness Using Performance Incentives

It’s no secret.   A safe workplace and a successful workplace are one and the same.   Elevating safety consciousness creates a sense of community; constantly reinforcing the idea that ‘we’re all in this together’ – and it is through working together a safe workplace is both created and sustained. As a result, one of the first…View More

Maintaining Motivation – Safety Incentives Require Updates

All too often, a company buys a safety incentive game (generic safety bingo is a great example), puts it into place – and then a year later can’t figure out why it’s not providing any results.   First, such simple safety incentive approaches usually do little in the way of genuine loss control.   Instead, they’re a…View More

Effective Job Screening: Choosing Motivated Workers

American businesses spend enormous amounts of time and capital on efforts to increase workplace safety and eliminate on-the-job accidents and injuries.    Investment is made in safety training, ensuring proper safety equipment, ergonomic assessments, employee safety incentive programs – all in an effort to ensure a given workplace remains safe.  What all this ignores is the…View More