Safety Pays Tools For Customers

Safety Pays Tools For Customers. One of the regular inquiries we receive is from prospects stopping by our website who can’t find the ‘Safety Pays Customer Tools’ section.    The reason is in the name:   it’s for Customer’s Only! — and therefore password protected.   The intellectual property they are provided access to is part of the…View More

Why Reward Employees For Safe Behavior?

Why Reward Employees For Safe Behavior? There’s plenty of questions we’re used to fielding from companies interested in utilizing our motivational approach to workplace safety.  There’s the age-old question whether safety bingo is a form of gambling.  (It’s not!) Of course, those most concerned with OSHA compliance wants to know how Safety Pays ensure employee…View More

Safety Incentives: Every Kind of Company Finds Them Essential!

Safety Incentives:   Every Kind of Company Finds Them Essential! Beginning in 1992, Safety Pays published a Quarter Customer Newsletter which included a welcome to our latest customers.  Its purpose, though, was to update Safety Pays users with the new upgrade ideas, OSHA compliance safety incentive changes as well as techniques to make the safety incentive…View More

Workplace Accidents & Injuries: Safety’s Best Teacher

Every company has the same goal when it comes to the utilization of safety incentives; motivating its workforce to eliminate on-the-job accidents & injuries through heightened employee safety awareness. An effective safety incentive program must ensure that such a heightened safety consciousness is not only created… but sustained. As a rule, workplace motivation is accomplished…View More

How Safety Incentives Support A Company’s Safety Program

With literally thousands of companies utilizing Safety Pays over the past 25+ years, we’ve encountered virtually every possible scenario as far as a company’s loss control needs. The one situation that concerns us most is when a business wants to implement safety incentives — but without first having created an effective safety program. Safety Pays…View More

Safety Pays Customers – From Across The Business Spectrum

Back in 1991 when Safety Pays first became available to US companies, our primary customers were businesses like Santa Monica Seafood – the company where the program was developed.   It had an internal production/warehouse staff, outside delivery drivers as well as retail store and café employees. As time went on, we were startled by the…View More