A Key Safety Incentive Program Requirement: Supervisor Motivation

On Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

How many successful teams first don’t start with a winning coach?   That’s one of the problems with so many safety incentive ‘games’.   They throw a bunch of game pieces together with a set of rules and think it’s an effective way to motivate the workforce.    What is so often neglected is the very people who need to further elevate safety awareness; the supervisory staff.

Because Safety Pays is an actual loss control program — one based on employee motivation — our program approach ensures the coaches are as incentivized to win the safety game as participating employees.    We offer a variety of techniques to ensure that with each positive step forward in winning the game of safety, the supervisors are receiving commensurate rewards themselves.

One of the favorite methodologies to increase individual employee contributions is to have a company’s supervisory staff hand-out bingo Bonus Cards any time they see an employee express individual initiative or achievement.  The employee receiving the card may immediately use it in the current Game Round as an additional chance to win.

What motivates the supervisor?  If they employee wins the Safety Pays game round with the Bonus Card received, both employee and supervisor receive and extra $100 reward.

There is great elegance in this strategy.   First, from a budgetary standpoint, there is no cost in handing out an extra bingo card.   The cost only occurs if that Bonus Card wins.   However, the positive recognition and reinforcement it provides has an incalculable benefit; especially when repeated over and over throughout the workplace, one week to the next.

This is just one of the many ‘inside baseball’ approaches Safety Pays provides to its customers.   We know the key to winning any game is good coaching.    But when great coaching is involved, winning becomes not a goal, but an expectation!